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    That One Time

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Mind Deep Confusion Session

Today’s Mind Deep Confusion’ Session is the first session since my trip to NYC.  Even managing to party at Cielo… So with my new alive and pumped attitude after an amazing time, I was ready to get back into it on the deep tip. This session was all brand new [ … ]

Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was on a chilled tip, picked up some tracks I felt suited my mood which was pretty sombre whilst I get ready for my NYC trip this coming week, I thought it would be a great way to start my holiday with some chilled out [ … ]

Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was all about the deepness, yes all new cuts for your ears with some amazing promos. Having had the shakes from the night before drinking sessions, yes sessions lol, was feeling worst for wear, however started off nice and relatively calm and as the session [ … ]

Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was all about the Lounge N Chill affair…. Having had problems last week with my configuration left me a week behind with my sessions so playing catchup, however delivering some wickedness on the Chilled tip. Yes, it feels good to be back, so good. So [ … ]

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