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It’s been a while since I’ve done a below 120BPM mix, so hear it is and boy did I go Deep!!!

Get ready to chill on another level as this is music for meditation….

I will also be doing a Super Deep next week as well…!!!

This mix has tracks on I’ve been playing over a period of time and some I hadn’t had the chance to play before… Next weeks is all new business.

Track listing on

Enjoy & peace out,


1 Jazzardo Kisk, Sarp Yilmaz, WOMO Kisk & Friends Vol. 2 Apparel Music
2 Low End Energy (Khirbet Qeiyafa Mello Tone Hand On Track Remix) M21 Low End Energy Volume Down Entertainment
3 Across The Sun (Original Mix) HVL Across The Sun Housewax
4 Beautiful Dark Skin Soul Minority Slove LP Kolour Recordings
5 Kihisia (Original Mix) Khirbet Qeiyafa Kusikitisha / Kihisia Volume Down Entertainment
6 U Don’t Understand Ny*ak Please Come Correct Shadeleaf Music
7 Fidelio Prequel Polite Strangers Rhythm Section International
8 The Body Is Nothing but a Machine (Ludvigson Remix) Ludvigson, Mechanist Reinventions III IIVII
9 Celestial (Original Mix) HVL Across The Sun Housewax
10 You’ll See (Micha Mischer Remix) (Mark Holmes ‘Slo Mo’ Edit) Universal Solution, LaMeduza You’ll See Manchester Underground Music (MUM)
11 Use What We Have (Original Mix) Simon Bryant Use What We Have EP Unrivaled Music
12 Twilight Song (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) Tomomi Ukumori Humble & Radiant Apt. International
13 Broken Dave Marian, Rinno Straight Seven Villas
14 U Still There (Distortion Remix) Peter O U Still There
15 Want It Sellouts Long Time Coming EP Deeper Shades Recordings
16 Oceanic Shades Napoleons Lars Behrenroth presents Various Shades Vol.3 Deeper Shades Recordings
17 Would You Mind (Original Mix) Ku Haresma Beach Break Vol. 2 Porky Records
18 Close My Eyes (Atjazz More Than a Remix) deepa GROOVES feat. Jemmalyn Close My Eyes deepa grooves
19 Make it Gold (DOS Remix) La Tuerie Jenny Matter Of Fact
20 Downstars (A5 Remix) Alex Danilov Addicted To House 10 Soulstar
21 Sundrops (Original) Kinski Meet The Sura Quintet Latin Lounge Moods Stereoheaven
22 The Infamous (Original Mix) Butch, C.Vogt The Infamous Rebirth

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