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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was choice cut city embedded in Deep Grooves to see the journey through. I really went in today on my Live DERadio session, only problem was that I was a little over zealous in areas with the old mixing… Tried to talk less and let the grooves play, not that you’d ever know on my podcast as I don’t record my voice so it’s unsolicited listening, which is how I like it!!!

What can I say about this session other than complete madness, a proper MDC session today…

I even dropped last track off my profile, so you know I went in..

Hmm star of the show, tuffy… probably Max Graef, though Atjazz & Joey Went in both having silly tracks a well … too much goodness in this poddy.

Anyways it’s time peeps,

This is def’ weekend business kicking back and juicing to this poddy.

Peace out


Track listing

1 Sweet Power Your Embrace (Original) Diplomats Of Soul, Incognito, Vanessa Haynes Sweet Power Your Embrace Expansion House
2 Hanging Tough Board Of Directors The Soul Of Disco Vol.3 Compiled By Joey Negro Z Records
3 Serendipity (Original Mix) D’julz Houdini EP Bass Culture Records
4 Evolution Of New Sounds (Roy Davis Jr – Paradise) Various (Glenn Underground, Roy Davis Jr., Jay-J and Macari, Solar House, Pete Moss, Etc.) Evolution Of New Sounds Large
5 Bummse Max Graef DJ-Kicks !K7
6 Retrospective of a Mind Dikkens Retrospect of a Mind Intimate Friends
7 Groove On (Extended Raw Disco Version) Juan Laya, Jorge Montiel, Chennez McKenzie Groove On Imagenes
8 Dawn Chorus Medlar WOLFEP030 Wolf Music Recordings
9 4am Nick Holder 1998 DNH
10 Letting Go The Ritual Letting Go Wind Horse Records
11 No One Can Stop Us (Turbojazz Remix) Corrado Bucci, Turbojazz Local Talk from the Vault the Remixes, Vol. 1 Local Talk
12 The Believer Deetron The Believer EP Character
13 Educated Funk Joey Negro, The Sunburst Band Joey Negro Presents It’s A Summer Groove Vol.5 Z Records
14 Enchantment Atjazz Beats & Bobs Vol. 5 Atjazz Edition R2
15 Ballet Du Saboteur (The Messenger’s Elevation Mix) Sunshine Jones, Mastercris, The Messenger Ballet Du Saboteur EP Myriad Black Records
16 The Rainbow Song (S3A Broken STL Remix) Art Of Tones, S3A The Rainbow Song Local Talk
17 Blue Charms Potatohead People Luv Ya / Blue Charms Bastard Jazz Recordings
18 Seaside Dusk Ryo-Chin The Stillness EP Soulstar Records
19 Rosie (Nu Guinea’s Paradise Remix) Wayne Snow, Max Graef, N/a Rosie Tartelet Records
20 Evasion (Original Mix) Deep Revival Evasion Deep Twisted Soul Record
21 The Player (Acapella Dub Beat Mix) First Choice The M + M Mixes Vol. 2 By John Morales BBE
22 Off Your Face Ander B Mind Tricks Moulton Music
23 Asteroid Field Guide Afternoons In Stereo Retrospective Timewarp Music
24 Mvk Esa & Mervin Granger Bewyste EP Local Talk
25 Lighter Shades of Blue Irfan Rainy, Rex Leon Cross, Step, Drag. Rainy City Music
26 Jazz Club (Max Graef Remix) Shur-I-Kan Jazz Club EleFlight Records
27 Waiting 4 Visa (Original Mix) D’julz Houdini EP Bass Culture Records
28 Kind Of Latin Rhythm (Smoove Remix) The Juju Orchestra, Belz, Smoove Remixes Agogo Records
29 The Way I Like It (MAS) DJ Biopic Not Here To Be Understood

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