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Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was themed ‘Best of 2015’, which was simply a selection of tracks I really dug over the year for this particular fortnightly session.

Obviously I could I would of liked the list to have been longer however ran out of time with being so close to Christmas having things to do!

Simply if you celebrate Christmas, have a good one, If not, have a good break, if no break, then hope this poddy chills you out 🙂

Peace and love to you all and see you in the New Year!!! 😉

Thanks for all the support and visits to my website or subscriptions to my podcast, it all makes it worth it.



Track Listing:

1 Rockin K-Tel (Original Mix) Kai Alce Detroit Visionaries EP Finale Sessions
2 Bring The Sun Frank, Tony, Gry DJ-Kicks !K7
3 Tale of Victory Jouem Episodes 4/8 – Reflections On The Rise Mojuba Records
4 When I Was A Kid Pablo Valentino Pusic Records V.A. 034 Pusic Records
5 Strawberry Supernova (Strawberry Supernova (QB’s Original)) Warm Days feat. Khensy & Adam Glasser Strawberry Supernova Warm Days
6 Catch the Sun [feat. Madafi Pierre] (Deep Mix) Madafi Pierre, Nicholas, Deep Catch the Sun 4lux Black
7 Seaside Dusk Ryo-Chin The Stillness EP Soulstar Records
8 Landscape Aphreme Uncoded Transmission EP Kolour Recordings
9 Nightgruv (Unreleased Longer Edit) James Mason Nightgruv RushHour
10 Evasion (Original Mix) Deep Revival Evasion Deep Twisted Soul Record
11 What Do I Do Malena Perez Stars (Full Album) Cubanita Groove
12 Promise Me Love (Just One Remix) Malik Alston, LaRonn Dolley Promise Me Love (Incl. Kai Alce & Just One Remixes) Makin Moves
13 Baltimore (Charles Webster Mix 3) Pete Dafeet, Charles Webster Baltimore Lost My Dog
14 On The Loose (Larry Heard Trybalambient Mix) Villanova (FR), Elbi, Larry Heard, Mr. Fingers On The Loose (The Larry Heard Mixes) Rebirth
15 Let’s Get Playa Eddie Ness, Johan Kaseta Let’s Get Playa Lehult
16 Musical Prayer (Suedo Jazz) Markus Enochson feat. E-Man Musical Prayer Wave Music
17 Open Up Sacha Williamson Love Life DNH
18 The Infamous (Original Mix) Butch, C.Vogt The Infamous Rebirth
19 Wawa Bucher & Kessidis Exit Mexiko Plastic City
20 Guru Guru Taoma Citizen Funk Chicago Pizza Uncanny Valley
21 Shades (Orignal) John Julius Knight Shades Reversoulmusic

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