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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was an extended session so it’s broken into two parts, first Deep as Part 1, which is where I just went in from tracks I’d picked out before the session, so it’s a pretty decent blend of not so oldish tracks. This was a no rush session however mid tempo Deep, which reminds me, I must do another Super Deep session as I haven’t done one for some serious time! In fact tbh I haven’t bought tracks for a while!

So then I went into the second half of the session, where I dropped Afro and Breaks! By then I was fully relaxed and just played randomly from those genres going with what I felt.

You’ll be happy to know I had no hang-over 🙂 and was appreciative of everyone that locked in or silently listened, it’s all very appreciated for sure and ever more to those who listen to my podcast week in week out… Big Love.

Anyway Peeps, it’s time and we get an extra hr in bed so Imma make the most of it 🙂

Have a good as possible week.

Peace out


Track Listing

25 Thru The Fire (Daniel 3-1-30) (Extended LP MIx) DJ Spen, Soulfuledge, Fruity Transition Quantize Recordings
26 Journey (Dub Mix) Rudy V. Best Of HTR Part 2 House Tribe Records
27 Knock Knock (Main Mix) Rune Knock Knock Tainted House
28 Kesi De (Beat Experimental Mix) Aero Manyelo Kesi De Herbal 3 Records
29 Mbombela Trip (Original Mix) Soul Fleva The Sounds Of A.M.U E.P Candid Beings
30 Promises Of A Lie (More Than An Original Mix) Jiggx Tribus EPisode EP Natural Essence Academy
31 Story Time DJ Biopic Story Time Open Bar Music
32 Prayer Benny T Tswana Perspectives EP Part 2 Open Bar Music
33 The Heavy Drum (Original Mix) Thabzen Bibo The Heavy Drum Thabzen Bibo Music
34 Modern Tribe (Agenda Mix) AfroDrum Modern Tribe MoBlack Records
35 Streets DJ Biopic HI-TECH EP House HED Music
36 Because I Love You (Original Mix) D.General Because I Love You Vibe Boutique Records
37 Time After Time (Yoruba Soul Dub) Soul Central, Abigail Bailey, Osunlade Defected presents House Masters – Osunlade (Second Edition) Defected
38 Can’t Hide Love Eddy, Yannah Compost Brazil Selection Vol. 1 – Primavera – Samba & Bossa Beats Compost
39 Stargazer Kyoto Jazz Massive Compost Broken Beat Selection Vol. 1 – Stargazer – Twisted Grooves Compiled by Eddy Ramich Compost
40 Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix Isntrumental Loop Session Shadows On The Sun (When You’re Not Here) Loop Sounds
41 Try (Fenomenon Fredahk Ext. Remix) Arvid feat. Ernesto, Fenomenon Fredahk Try Naked Music
42 Could Murder a Burger Dego Nuts! Blueberry Records
43 Body Electric (Body Electric (Original)) Domu, Domu, Dominic Stanton Body Electric Archive Records
44 Worldwide (Solid Groove’s Wednesday At Midnight Mix) Domu Worldwide EP Loungin Recordings
45 You Know (Jazzlounge Mix) Monodeluxe Jazz Weekender, Vol.2 at jazz music

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