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This weeks Session was wild as, mixing the new with the old on an Afro tip and did I drop some hotties on yah…. This session is not to be missed… as always on a deeper tip, however I went in.

Too many hot tracks on this session to mention, however the track listing will show you what I’m talking about….

No time to waste… Get involved!!!!

Enjoy your week,


1 The River Our History (Original Mix) Domineeky, Zamuxolo Mgoduka The River Our History Good Voodoo Music
2 Move That Jazz Here Problem Child Mr Ten83 Visits Mofunk Town EP1 Mo Funk Records
3 Story Time DJ Biopic Ocean Drive Sessions 2015 Open Bar Music
4 African Taboos (Main Magic Mix) VeneiGrette Tainted House Essentials Afro House Edition Volume One Tainted House
5 Sola (Justin Imperiale Remix) Brian Burnside, Milo Sola Azucar Distribution
6 Addictive (Original Mix) MrBougx Addictive Yeloshadz Records
7 Monkey Jazz (Original Mix) Balqlup Monkey Jazz EP Indawo Records
8 Black & White (Main Mix) IndySoul Black & White House HED Music
9 Afro Spirit (Pm Project 2015 Edit) PM Project The Documentary EP Soul Candi Records
10 Im Done Now (Original) DJ Garphie Im Done Now Think House Music
11 I’m Not Civilised (Original Mix) Buder Prince, Malaisha, DK I’m Not Civilised LadyMarySound International
12 TheDrum-BennyT-Remix OscarP, Swift Ocean Drive Sessions 2015 Open Bar Music
13 Guiding Me-OscarP_BionicMixMAS2 Coll Selini Ft. Joseph Black Guiding Me Open Bar Music
14 Percussion In Colour DJ Garphie Percussion In Colour Think House Music
15 A Jam From The Slam Vialocal A Jam From The Slam Vialocal
16 Above the Clouds Mxdope The Deliverance Zulumafia Digital
17 A Reason to Move (Basic Mix) Young DJ, MoBlack Year 1: B-Sides MoBlack Records
18 Guitar Of Afrika Blaq Deep Afro Book EP DNH
19 Pharaohs (Original Mix) Dominox Latte Pharoahs EP Absolute Music
20 Defection Muzhik (Deepen Jazz Touch) Kay Bonez Milestone EP Multi Soul Records
21 Deception (Roque Deepsoul Mix) Roque Deception Dera Production
22 What Can U Do For Me Oscar P, C. Scott What Can U Do For Me Azucar Distribution
23 Son Of Soil (Original Mix) Darque Smooth Agent Records Africa Compilation Vol. 2 Smooth Agent Records Africa
24 Perception (Dirty Low) DJ Biopic Perception House HED Music
25 Analogh High Express (Original Mix) Who A World Of Compression EP Sunclock

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  1. alison - April 24, 2015 2:13 am

    this is a 140 min haven thank you


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