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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ session was all about the drums!!!

A collective fusion of tracks I’ve heard lately that caught my ear as they were heavy on the Drums. Some percussion in there somewhere, however focused Deep on those Drums. Calmed you down for a few tracks then bought you straight back to those drums…

I broke a sweat on this session with my dancing feet. Played a couple of my own tracks as well to add to the flava, so it’s time.

Enjoy & have a good week…



1 Que Se Sepa Roberto Roena Sounds from El Barrio Fania
2 Inspirational (Instrumental Mix) Dominox Latte Inspirational Afrika Platinum
3 Story Time DJ Biopic Ocean Drive Sessions 2015 Open Bar Music
4 The Xperience (NYC Mix) David Morales, Quentin Harris, Hector Romero The Xperience Def Mix Music
5 Africa (Main Mix) France Deep, Bobo Venus And Mars 3 (Drum Edition) Sound Slaves Music
6 The Reunion (Cabana Afro Edit) Mazz, Justin Imperiale The Reunion Cabana
7 Yeah Yeah (Original Instrumental) DJ Garphie, Garphie Yeah Yeah Think! House Music
8 Banguere (Original Mix) Pablo Fierro Banguere Vida Records
9 Sarra Para Direita (AfroFunk Mix) JackBass Sarra Para Direita (AfroFunk Mix) PM AKORDEON Editora
10 U.C. Anthem (Rocco Remix) Marlon D, Rocco Drums Nervous
11 Jesus Creates Sound (Main Mix) Marlon D Drums Nervous
12 Prayer Benny T Tswana Perspectives EP Part 2 Open Bar Music
13 Gold Coast (Original) Hagan Gold Coast EP Soupu Music
14 This Is My Music (Original Mix) NjHouseHead This Is My Music Housahaulic Records
15 From The Brass (Original Mix) Jazzhands Anything EP Urunga Music
16 Lets Go (Blade Deep & 4Matiq Spirit Of The Lotus Mix) Tony Soul, 4Matiq, Blade Deep Lets Go JusVibe
17 Kifwebe Katshokwe (Main Mix) Spilulu, Ocean, Stalone Kifwebe EP Arrecha Records
18 Broken Season (Main Mix) DJ, DJ Cute Unity Vol 1 Mathye Records
19 Stay In Africa (Main Mix) France Deep Venus And Mars 3 (Drum Edition) Sound Slaves Music
20 Crossing Borders (Diephuis Drum Dub) Diephuis Crossing Borders NULU ELECTRONIC
21 Emozioni Spellband Project One EP Global Diplomacy
22 Nhliziyo Yam (Quell’s Spring Evening Version) Oluhle Nhliziyo Yam Offering Recordings
23 Conquistadores Chocolates (Jesse Outlaw Remix) Oscar P, Jesse Outlaw Conquistadores Chocolates (The Remixes Part 1) House Tribe Records
24 Orchestrate (Sixnautic Local Mix) XtetiQsoul Orchestrate EP Iklwa Brothers Music
25 Whistler DJ Biopic KONG EP House HED Music


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