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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was a mixture more so on the down low tip, however again down with the man flu, so wasn’t really expecting to do a 4hr set. TBH I missed it so much that I didn’t even realise the time!

This session is in two parts last part being more of a classic nature and first part being more of a deep n soulful nature.

So it was a mix bag of tracks and even played something from myself that hasn’t been released as yet which seemed to have been received well, so will def’ be out at some point this year. 🙂

On Other notes I must say a mahoosive HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, hope this year is good to you and your year resolutions are fulfilled.

I’m off to bed to rest myself and defeat this flu.

Enjoy your week,

Peace & Love


Track Listing:

1 Eat Good (Original Mix) Marcel Lune Sketches Local Talk
2 Frozen Eyes (Original Mix) Angelo Draetta, Luigi Egitto The Crunch / Frozen Eyes SP Recordings
3 I Think To You Bizio Cool No. 644 EP Nite Grooves
4 Holding You Tight (Dr Packer Remix) Sure Thing, Dr Packer Holding You Tight (Dr Packer Remixes) Glitterbox Recordings
5 Dance With Me (Oscar P Mix) Dwayne Jensen – Donna Marie The Last Ronin Open Bar Music
6 The Nature Of Things (Oz & Eman Purple Haze Mix) (Oz & Eman Purple Haze Mix) Ais Go, Eman, Ozkar Fuller The Nature Of Things Run Bklyn Trax Company
7 Rhythms By The Sea (Original Mix) Moon Rocket, Esteban Fernandez, Jasmine Clemente, Andy Shigekawa Rhythms By The Sea Moon Rocket Music
8 Fly Away (Club Mix) Brian Harden, Reggie Hall, Stacy Kidd 20th Anniversary Compilation House 4 Life
9 Signs DJ Biopic Trouble In Paradise EP House HED Music
10 In the Mood J. Crocker In The Mood Kolour Recordings
11 Insignia Boskay Deep Tales Of Past 100 House HED Music
12 Tryin’ Find A Way (Club Mix) Tim Deluxe Tryin’ Find A Way Strictly Rhythm Records
13 Thank You (Black Sonix & Sean McCabe Alternative Vocal Mix) Black Sonix, Selina Campbell, Sean McCabe Thank You (Incl. Groove Assassin And Sean McCabe Remixes) SubSensual
14 Last Summer (Oscar P NY 2 Dtroit Mix) Soul Minority, Oscar P The Last Ronin Open Bar Music
15 Our Muzic (Original) Glenn Crocker, Harold Matthews Jr Our Muzic Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic
16 Promise (Atjazz Floor Dub) Sublevel, Blakdoktor, Lillia, Atjazz Promise Classic Music Company
17 N.A.S.T.Y. (Homero Espinosa Remix) Soul Minority, Homero Espinosa N.A.S.T.Y. Kolour Recordings
18 Minor Track (Original) Playin’ 4 The City Backfire EP Plastik People Recordings
19 Sunset Kevin Yost The Tour (White Label Edition) i! Records Classics
20 Black Superhero Music Mortimer Snerd III KMG Chicago, Vol. 5 KMG Chicago
21 Forever And Ever IndySoul Deep Tales Of Past 100 House HED Music
22 I Want You To Know Me Deyampert, Extended Spirit Shapes & Colors Sonar Kollektiv
23 Back Home (feat. Nica Brooke) (Homero’s Touch Of Jazz Mix) Gorm Council, Nica Brooke, Homero Espinosa Back Home Doin Work Records
24 Back In The Day Dirtytwo Back In The Day EP Razor-N-Tape
25 Keep On Shining (Raw Artistic Soul Vocal Dub) Raw Artistic Soul, John Gibbons GO!!! 15 Years Of Enchanting House Music… GOGO Music
26 Lost the plot DJ Biopic PROMO PROMO
27 Overnight to Düsseldorf (Overnight to Düsseldorf (Kommune Dub #2)) Pulp Disco & the Outcasts Overnight to Düsseldorf Out Hear Audio Recordings
28 Poppen / Influenza (Poppen) Voom Voom Poppen / Influenza Compost
29 Minstrel Speak (KemeticJust Mix) Rich Medina vs. KemeticJust Minstrel Speak Diaspora
30 Mr President (Mr President in the Afro hut) Martin Solveig, martin solveig, mr president, mixture Mr President Mixture


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