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This ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was oh soooo Deep!!!

Pretty much all new tracks I’ve been building waiting for the right moment to unleash, yes, Unleash


I hardly ever rewind tracks however today, I had no choice! Jeeeeze, there are some seriously heavy tracks out there, you seek & you shall find for sure, however the search can become tiresome, never give up as the force is strong on this session…

So I’ve been talking about my trip to Madrid, well it’s finally happening on Thursday & it’s relaxation full on… Juicing, bunning & cooling, yes i can’t wait!

This is one of two holidays for me, the second being Vocal Booth Weekender and I cannot wait for this event…However this means you may not get a session from me on DERADIO for a month, however, have no fear, you know the archives are available 😉

Tune for me this session as it got the rewind is – Pleasure Pain Failure Gain – Leigh D Oliver

Though the name doesn’t ring any bells jeeeze the track has a strong imprint.

Anyways… Gotta pack!

Peace & Love to all,

Have a decent rest of week,


Track Listing

1 Red Pill Mike Newman Red Pill Bagira Ice Records
2 Winter Tones Fred Everything Winter Tones – EP Drumpoet Community
3 Beach Life Shur-i-kan 20 Years of Freerange Freerange
4 Bit Me (Original Mix) Gaol Love Me Sub_Urban
5 Ut Av Det Blå (Original Mix) De Fantastiske To God Følelse Ism Recordings
6 That’s Real Rapson Heat EP Friday Fox Recordings
7 Fettluke M.ono, Luvless 10 Years of Tsuba, Pt. 3 Tsuba Records
8 All My Love Studioheist All My Love EP Large Music
9 Mahogany (Cafrodeep Mix) Ngunisoul, Cafrodeep Mahogany Citynoiz Record Label
10 Pleasure Pain Failure Gain (Original Mix) Leigh D Oliver Quick Fix EP PIV Records
11 Preachin Detroit (NuHeadz Remix) Echoattic, NuHeadz Preachin Detroit Vier Deep Digital
12 Love We Had (Original Mix) Scott Diaz Adventures In Self Doubt EP Grand Plans
13 Decadence (Original_Mix) DJ Biopic Virtues Of Reason Doin Work Records
14 Here Comes The Sunburst Band (Fouk Remix) The Sunburst Band, Fouk Z Records Presents Ibiza 2016 Z Records
15 Just Friends (Original) Soledrifter Just Friends Deep Deluxe Recordings
16 Deep4Life (Biopic Distraction Mix) IndySoul, DJ Biopic Deep4Life House HED Music
17 Kiara Leg Jazz A Minor Thought 7 Love Records
18 Giving Felix Leifur The Sunday Club EP Dirt Crew Recordings
19 Intermezzo Nachtbraker Pollo con Pollo EP Heist Recordings
20 Riddims (Original Mix) Mr. V Wolfmode EP Dopewax
21 Colours DJ Biopic Tones Of Two LP A Deeper Groove




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