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Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was simply fire!!! Promo city and I went in holding no bars. So started off nice and slow, as no rush and 3 hrs worth of dirty dirty dirty Afro to warm the soul and wake you up nicely.

Todays session was fuelled by the crappy weather so in the up most of lifting spirits and for your week ahead…. I went out the zone today for sure!

Love my Pressure family and you, the listeners, so I did’t hold back trust me, i went full steam ahead.

Think this session had the most rewinds I’ve ever done and not the traditional rewinds, you’ll have to wait and hear, but seriously… I was not messing about!

For part 2 I went into the deep zone, which is also a very short mix, however I’m not gonna say anything, hear for yourself..!

Please support the music and buy it from the track listing if it’s out yet cause it’s appreciated if you love it anyway..

I even rinsed some of my own tracks… it was a serious session, I hope you’re ready!

Hold tight, taking you on that ride right now!

Peace and Love to all,

Enjoy and tell yah friends

Have a good week,


Track Listing

1 One Taste Of Your Love (Original Mix) Echo Deep, MJ White One Taste Of Your Love Blaq Diamond Boyz Music
2 Be My Lover (Original Mix) DJ Spax-vybz Feat. Fearless Boys & Kafele Be My Lover Nulu
3 Sunset Veja Vee Khali Deep Elements EP Afro Rebel Music
4 Faithless Realities Dominox Latte Faithless Realities Open Bar Music
5 Don’t Change Me DJ Biopic Forgive N Forget EP Open Bar Music
6 The Xperience (NYC Mix) David Morales, Quentin Harris, Hector Romero The Xperience Def Mix Music
7 Hamba Kahle (Main Vox) Kiddy Deep Humble Afrika Blaq Africa Records
8 Spirit Awakened (Deeper Vibes) Luxusmusiq Spirit Awakened Ancestral Recordings
9 House Music After Death (Zulu Main Perc Mix) Zulumafia House Music After Death House Afrika
10 Night N Day Gemini Boys Night N Day EP Aluku Records
11 Running Away (Main Mix) C-Major (SA), Faye Wonder The South African EP #4 Atal
12 Le Declic (P.M Project Dark Mix) Hanna Hais, Amorhouse, Anthony Fennel, P.M Project 2071 Atal
13 Year of Graduation Benny T Tswana Perspectives 3 OpenBarMusic
14 Omar vs Rosario – Just As Long (Oscar P Edit) PROMO PROMO PROMO
15 Emotions & Contemplations (Afro Emotion Mix) Mephia & Andrum TRIBE Vaults Vol 4 – Afro House Edition Tribe Records
16 Macheli Cuebur, Hitman Lamberti The Floor EP Soul Candi Records
17 Go Love (Shino Blackk Vocal Mix) Shino Blackk Go Love New Generation Records
18 Sandulivi (Louie Vega Main Remix) Pablo Fierro Sandulivi (Louie Vega Remix) Nulu
19 Missionary Position DJ Biopic Missionary Position HOUSE HED MUSIC
20 Soul Search feat. Chymamusique (Original Mix) Problem Child Ten83 South African Deep & Soulful House, Vol. 2 (Compiled By DJ Lungzo) Mofunk Records
21 Jamiroquai vs Koko J – T.Y.T.D. (Oscar P Afro Edit) PROMO PROMO PROMO
22 When The Night Comes (Original Mix) Que Dafloor, C-Moody When The Night Comes Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD
23 Buttnaked Soulful House mix 13 OCt 10 Ian Willis PROMO PROMO
24 Ulm (Original Mix) Klement Bonelli Ulm Atal
25 My Roots (Afro Mix) George Vibe My Roots Vida Records
26 Forgive N Forget DJ Biopic Forgive N Forget EP Open Bar Music
27 Sleepless Nights (Into Deep Mix) Corinda Sleepless Nights DM.Recordings

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