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Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was simply fire!!! Promo city and I went in holding no bars. So started off nice and slow, as no rush and 3 hrs worth of dirty dirty dirty Afro to warm the soul and wake you up nicely.

Todays session was fuelled by the crappy weather so in the up most of lifting spirits and for your week ahead…. I went out the zone today for sure!

Love my Pressure family and you, the listeners, so I did’t hold back trust me, i went full steam ahead.

Think this session had the most rewinds I’ve ever done and not the traditional rewinds, you’ll have to wait and hear, but seriously… I was not messing about!

For part 2, which this is…. I went into the deep zone, which is also a very short mix, however I’m not gonna say anything, hear for yourself..!

Please support the music and buy it from the track listing if it’s out yet cause it’s appreciated if you love it anyway..

I even rinsed some of my own tracks… it was a serious session, I hope you’re ready!

Hold tight, taking you on that ride right now!

Peace and Love to all,

Enjoy and tell yah friends

Have a good week,


Track Listing

28 How I Knew (Original Mix) Alkalino, Deep Blast Stand Fast & How I Knew Audaz
29 Octopussy Big Danny Kane Stella Midnight Riot
30 Letters On Breaknight (Original Mix) James Benedict Letters On Breaknight Delve Deeper Recordings
31 Subtube Joss Moog Smith Ondulé Recordings
32 Gretsch (Ds 2015 Re-Touch) Moodymanc Gretsch Remix Kolour Recordings
33 Knowledge Lloydla Ft Biopic Deep Tales of past 100 HOUSE HED MUSIC
34 Soul Minority – Last Summer – Oscar P NY 2 Dtroit Mix_KolourRec PROMO PROMO PROMO
35 Adam Rios, DJ Spen vs Terry Hunter – Wonderful (Oscar P Edit) PROMO PROMO PROMO
36 Basicmethods-The Symbols_KolourRecordings PROMO PROMO PROMO

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