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Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Was a real mixed bag of semi Soulful cuts.

It’s amazing how your mood can affect the way you play sometimes, though I still had fun todays session was mostly archived tracks I’ve played before, with a few promos to keep the session moving.

Lots on my mind at the moment, so going to keep it short and sweet this week, however did deliver in 2 parts 3hrs and 50 mins of vibes you will be down with.

Enjoy your week peeps,

Big Love,


Part 2 – Track Listing:

31 East Coast Danism, Train East Coast / Westcoast SoSure Music
32 No One Can Stop Us (Turbojazz Remix) Corrado Bucci, Turbojazz Local Talk from the Vault the Remixes, Vol. 1 Local Talk
33 Serendipity (Original Mix) D’julz Houdini EP Bass Culture Records
34 Ballet Du Saboteur (The Messenger’s Elevation Mix) Sunshine Jones, Mastercris, The Messenger Ballet Du Saboteur EP Myriad Black Records
35 B-Ready Deepkeen LTD (Limited 1) i! Records
36 Drunk To The Moon (Original Mix) Tikis Euphoria EP Something Different Records
37 Coconuts Fouk Heavy on the Bacon Room with a view
38 Baltimore (Charles Webster Mix 3) Pete Dafeet, Charles Webster Baltimore Lost My Dog
39 One (Luke Solomon’s Body Mix) Till Von Sein, Lazarusman, Luke Solomon Precious Remixes suol
40 Soak It (Andre Lodemann Remix) Nonku, Andre Lodemann, Hyenah Mami Wata EP Objektivity
41 Shiva Song The Rurals, the rurals, peng West Coast Wanderers Peng
42 Deep4Life (Biopic Distraction Mix) IndySoul, DJ Biopic Deep4Life House HED Music

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