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EPISODE 25 (Super Deep)

This Session was strictly Deep, maybe too Deep for some!

Listen back, all I can say is we need to hear more of these kind of mixes under 120, I can really appreciate the music…. There’s no rush in Deep House… Deep House is about telling stories, allowing you to think, interpret what you want, as long as it takes you on that journey!!!! IMO

Started off at 110 and eventually by the end finished out at 120….

This session on goes out to all those true! Deep heads.

PROMOS from myself with Messages (Detroit Remix) on House Head Music and Needed You Bad by Khalil Anthony (thatmanmonkz reworks) on Shadeleaf Music

Peace out!




1 Bland Freqeuncies & Broken Tapes (Original Mix) Khirbet Qeiyafa Naomi & Angelo / Bland Frequencies & Broken Tapes Volume Down Entertainment
2 Downstars (A5 Remix) Alex Danilov Addicted To House 10 Soulstar
3 Buzyness To Business (Khirbet Qeiyafa Whoopa Korn Main Mix) M21 Back To Business Volume Down Entertainment
4 Ten Years After The Working Elite Ten Years After / See Men Jump Terre Des Pommes
5 The Way We Walk (Jeremiah Remix) Jack The Box The Way We Walk Remixes Moodmusic
6 Alba (Original) Livio Improta Say What Frole Records
7 Thats My House (US Club Mix) Hope Road Massive Deepness Music – Best Of 2013 Deepness
8  Messages – (Biopic Detroit Moverz Remix) DJ BIOPIC / Night Motion Messages Remix House Hed Music
9 A2 Needed You Bad (dub) Khalil Anthony (thatmanmonkz reworks) SM-12-002 Shadeleaf Music
10 Forgive Me Love Lorca Forgive Me Love / Naoko Naked Naked
11 Never Ever (Studioheist Remix) Disco Kid, Malisha Bleau Never Ever NuPanda Records
12 Reciprocity (Tevo Howard Remix) Marc Romboy, Bajka Reciprocity Systematic
13 Just Be (Original Mix) Mr. Thruout Vibez Sound-Exhibitions-Records
14 In The Air (Original Mix) Sebb Aston Frigidaire Tunes Part 1 Frigo Vide Records
15 Won’t Love, Can’t Love (Original Mix) Shur-I-Kan Precious Things EP Lazy Days Recordings
16 Exit Pezzner, Amina Exit Crosstown Rebels
17 Ddebas (Original Mix) Bar Za Talent Scout Vol. 1 Mesmerize Musique


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