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Heavy session for sure! I always enjoy my sessions, however this one… drink was flowing and I just grooved out, Part 1 is Deep, with some soulful and Part 2 is Soulful and Afro….

Mind Deep Confusion Business Pure & Simple! So it’s time get involved and tell all your friends….


1 Ariba Azuka Dance (Original Mix) Nathan Soul African Deep Spirit EP Afro Kitchen Records
2 Behind These Headphones (Nick Holder Remix) Dj Micks, Sphelele M.T.H.A. Metro Toronto House’n Authority DNH
3 Hope D-Malice Deep Expressions EP Soul Candi Records
4 On It (Black Sonix Afro Conspiracy Mix) Lee Tristram, Sandy Spady On It DRUM Records
5 Gunsong Heavy-K Gunsong Djoon Experience
6 Sandulivi (Louie Vega Main Remix) Pablo Fierro Sandulivi (Louie Vega Remix) Nulu
7 Return To Me (DeepCitySoul Vocal Mix) Tikki Tembo, Diamondancer Spotlight Series Vol 14 (DeepCitySoul) Solid Ground Recordings

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