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This ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session had me twisted…. A DJ’s life hey!!!

So bought some new monitors, mainly for production, however DJ’ing as well and moved my setup to a new location… like a donut, I forgot a very important cable, which also lead me to realise that using this cable gave me the complete wrong setup for my new monitors as oppose to my old monitors… LoL…. so cutting a long story amazingly short, I had to use my headphones to mix the whole session killing my vybes, so bit of a drag!!!

Will sort out for next week…

Anyways moving….

A decent session had it be forgetting some of the mixing LoL… a good few cracking oldies and some new…. you should def’ dig this session as you know how I do…. even dropped some Afro so it was a true MDC with a bias to soulful..

If you locked, bigup & remember  it’s weekly now…

Feel free to join the chat room, we do have a laugh in there for sure, however if you can’t the poddies always here for you.

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It’s Time Peeps,

Have a good week,

Peace & Love to you all,

Hi Allie 😉


Track Listing:

1 Lesson Again (Alton Miller Remix) Bocca Grande Smooth Agent Tracks Essentials Vol. 1 Smooth Agent Records Tracks
2 Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre) Tom Middleton’s Cosmos remix Gotan Project Ya Basta Ya Basta
3 Crystal Eyes Crackazat Period Works EP Z Records
4 Desabafo (Guy Robin Main Mix) Tarek, Guy Robin The Collection Vol.1 Grooveland Music
5 Not Just Anybody (Atjazz Remix) Rae & Christian Nocturnal Activity RAC
6 Yesterday & Today (Ocean Deep Slope Mix) Oscar P & Ocean Deep Afro Classics 1 Open Bar Music
7 The Chase (Main) Corinda, Lebo The Chase DM.Recordings
8 Ancestral (Original Mix) Luyo, Mike ‘Agent X’ Clark Ancestral Double Cheese Records
9 Sao Paulo Nova Catalina Octet Black Feeling, Vol. 3 Freestyle Records
10 Elle (Criola Remix) DJ Gregory, Louie Vega Elle (Remixes) Faya Combo
11 Vibin Lemy Leopard, Simbad Vibin City Fly Records
12 Someone Like You (Original Mix) Fred Everything Les jours paresseux – part un Lazy Days Recordings
13 Secrets (Koyla Version) (Koyla Version) Omar Khan, Koyla Secrets Bombay
14 For Real (2011 Edition) Part 1 (Atjazz Remix) Atjazz, Martin Iveson Rich Medina presents Jump ‘n’ Funk Vol. 1 BBE
15 Jazz 1016 Anthony Mea Old School Attitude EP Large Music
16 What You’re Feeling Crackazat Period Works EP Z Records
17 Ten (Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix) Fauna Flash, Kyoto Jazz Confusion Compost
18 In The Morning (Final Raw Mix) Kerri Chandler & Monique Bingham Best Of The Last House Afrika
19 Sunshine (Deep Disco Rework) Los Charly’s Orchestra, Juan Laya, Jorge Montiel Sunshine EP Imagenes
20 Riccochet (Ben Leibrand Mix) B. B., Q. Band Riccochet – Italo Disco Mix Original Disco Culture


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