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Oh Boy!!! Deepness today…. On

Yeah I went in and what a session! 4hrs for your listening pleasure. First half was solid Deep with the second half being Soulful on another level. This session is sure to help you get through your week!

Tracklisting as always will be on www.djbiopic.comwithin the next day.

It’s time to feel the pressure.

Peace & Love,



1 Hommage Mercury In & Out EP Spiel
2 Jack My Records (Original Mix) Simon Ferdinand Back to the Raw LANDED Records
3 El Comunista (Original Mix) Streako, B-Squit El Comunista EP Muzicasa Recordings
4 Striving For Truth Dominic Martin Striving For Truth Lost My Dog
5 Piano Rhapsody .Damond Ramsey One House One Nation unquantize
6 Painted Lady Franc Spangler Painted Lady EP (Traxsource Edition) Delusions Of Grandeur
7 Time Shift (Original Mix) Apple Jazz The Dark Files EP Deeper Shades Recordings
8 Relax (Atjazz Remix) Doc Link, Rain Payne House of Deep, Vol. 1 Modern Revival
9 Demons Tremble (Marlon D’s Tremble The Demons Mix) Marlon D Demons Tremble Underground Collective
10 Itzehoe Max Graef Rivers Of The Red Planet Tartelet Recordings
11 Good Old Days (Original Mix) Stuart Ojelay Hidden Gems EP Vol.5 Conkrete Digital Music
12 Love Is Killing Me Evren Furtuna Down Stroke EP Kolour Recordings
13 If You Feel Juliet Fox If You Feel Beatdown
14 Little Gold Eric Ericksson Little Gold / Silent Fail Swedish Brandy
15 Pattern Three The Analog Roland Orchestra Patterns 3 | 4 Rotary Cocktail
16 “More Lust” (Original Mix) Brian Coxx & Dj Romain “More Lust” Metro Trax
17 Six Nine – Original Mix
18 Think of Something Various Artits The Watergate Files Watergate Records
19 The Bass (Version 1) Oliver Schmitz, Micah Sherman The Bass EP VIVa MUSiC
20 Tech This Out Pt.1 Karizma Collection 1999-2011 (Bonus Edition) R2
21 Windy City Bluez (Original Mix) Ellery Cowles Cowles AbicahSoul Recordings
22 Trimming Calibre Trimming The Nothing Special
23 Feeling Good (DeejayKul meets DeejayKul Feeling Good Universal International

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