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EPISODE 31 (AFRO) Part 2

Mind Deep Confusion in the House, yes Promo week… Most of the tracks played on Part 1 were Promos received, so it’s mostly new hot tracks that I selected… Labels: House Hed Music, Open Bar, Kolour, Shadeleaf Music, New Generation Records… Most Def’ so Deepness in this session!

This is Part 2, fancied changing it up so dropped some Afro for the last 45 Mins

It’s time Peeps!!!

Tracklisting will be on in the next couple of days
You can find all other session mixes there as well.

Peace out!


1 Imowa Dance Ritual Ft. Soule (Benny T Tswana Perspectives) Invaders Of Afrika, Chromatic L Imowa Dance Ritual Deep Calls Recordings
2 No Doubt (Edit) Cuebur, Marrisa Guzman Bargrooves Soulful Sessions 2.0 Bargrooves
3 Pulse (Main Mix) Wipe the Needle Pulse (feat. Tshaka Campbell) Broadcite Productions
4 06. The Drum – Berny Remix Oscar P and Swift – Berny Remix The Drum Open Bar Music
5 DJ Biopic – Journey (Promo) (Promo) (Promo)
6 We Don’t Need No Problem (feat. Scott) (Original Mix) Dj Lacosta05 We Don’t Need No Problem (feat. Scott) khali Recordings
7 7Th Floor (Original Mix) Ta-ice 38 Doors Room 38 Music
8 My Roots (Afro Mix) George Vibe My Roots Vida Records
9 Sax Dance (Main Funk Mix) Rune R.U.N.E Tainted House

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