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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was pure on the Deep tip with no messing around…. I think you’re gonna really dig this one! All new business was played on today’s session and I went in.

Pure Meaningful tracks to jigged to and one or two that had to get the rewind…

Had another hard week however it went better towards the end of the week, which put me in good spirits for today’s session.

I really did go in!!!

Imma go listen back now, Just check the track listing and you’ll understand what I’m saying!!!!

Hope you have a good week,

Be true to you and love instead of hate. 🙂

Peace N Love


Track Listing:

1 Deep Sensation Dirtytwo Time & Space EP Large Music
2 Remember (Dwson Remix) Eddvin, Dwson Remember EP Just Move Records
3 Coast to Coast COEO Mydonna Toy Tonics
4 Halfway to Nowhere (Ross from Friends Remix) Chelou, Ross From Friends Halfway to Nowhere The Weird & The Wonderful
5 Night Walk (Easy To Remember Remix) Alessio Collina, Easy To Remember Night Walk Unclear Records
6 Don’t Want the Regular Henry Wu Negotiate EP Ho_tep Records
7 Tease Me (Original Mix) Daniel Leseman Tease Me EP Kinky Vinyl (NL)
8 Doble Nachtbraker QS004 Quartet Series
9 Damn Shame (Dub) Huerta, Yooj LK Tapes Lets Play House
10 With Your Love (Quarion Remix) Marbert Rocel, Quarion In The Beginning (Remixes) Compost
11 Kvasten I Hörnet (Needs Remix) Claes Rosen, Needs Kvasten I Hörnet Local Talk
12 Strange Signals (Original Mix) Kat La Kat Strange Signals EP Swedish Brandy Productions
13 Spaceman Funk (Deep Club Mix) Brawther, Deep Dance 2017 secretsundaze
14 Moods David & Hjalti RVK Moods Lagaffe Tales
15 Midnight (Soul Clap Remix) Justin Martin, Christian Martin, Soul Clap Hello Clouds Remixes Dirtybird
16 Way Back Home Feat. Ivar (Fouk Remix) Kraak & Smaak, Ivar, Fouk Vision Of Love 4 Exotic Series
17 Apollo 11 Cody Currie Pusic Records Cody Currie EP Pusic Records
18 Pollux Frankey & Sandrino Wega EP Innervisions
19 Laser Clutch (Original Mix) OU Laser Clutch EP Atal
20 Dick Jones Track S3A U.K. EP Quintessentials
21 Like You Wanna Dan Kye Joy, Ease, Lightness Rhythm Section International

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