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EPISODE 32 (London Live-FM) (Afro)

Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was full of random treats that I have been playing for a while, with a couple newer tracks meshed in for good measure!

I haven’t danced this much in the studio for a while and worked up a sweat as it was real warm in there.

So I started off slow and built it up to a blazing finish and again worked up that sweat (if you could only have seen me in that studio!!!) 🙂

So peeps it time to get involved,

Have a good safe week,



Track listing

1 Could It Be Magic (Sobz & Soulpoizen Spoken Dub) Alpha & Olmega, Cosmiq Could It Be Maigc DM.Recordings
2 People Of The World (Original Mix) The Soulitude People Of The World Gintonic Records
3 Sapphire (Deeper Chillout Mix) Dj Octopuz Sapphire Ancestral Recordings
4 Intoxicated (Ronny D Alternate Mix) Tinozz, Poetic, Mado Intoxicated – Remixes Afro Rebel Music
5 Imowa Dance Ritual Ft. Soule (Benny T Tswana Perspectives) Invaders Of Afrika, Chromatic L Imowa Dance Ritual Deep Calls Recordings
6 Pulse (Main Mix) Wipe the Needle Pulse (feat. Tshaka Campbell) Broadcite Productions
7 STRATUM DJ Biopic Stratum Open Bar Music
8 Paradise Route (Original) Ozmiks The Ozmiks Fever Khavhu Entertainment
9 For You (Original Mix) Ta-ice 38 Doors Room 38 Music
10 My Roots (Afro Mix) George Vibe My Roots Vida Records
11 Power Of The Drum (Marlon D’s Drum Toolbelt Mix) Marlon D, Boddhi Satva Power Of The Drum REMIXES Underground Collective
12 Love Somebody (Rocco’s Dub) ADE Sampler 2012, Marlon D Full Control Volume 3 Room Control
13 Im Done Now (Original) DJ Garphie Im Done Now Think House Music
14 City Rains Mobi Dixon, M Que Tribal Soul Soul Candi Records
15 Streets DJ Biopic Hi-Tech EP House HED Music
16 Orchestrate (Sixnautic Local Mix) XtetiQsoul Orchestrate EP Iklwa Brothers Music
17 Conquistadores Chocolates (Jesse Outlaw Remix) Oscar P, Jesse Outlaw Conquistadores Chocolates (The Remixes Part 1) House Tribe Records
18 This Is My Music (Original Mix) NjHouseHead This Is My Music Housahaulic Records
19 Prayer Benny T Tswana Perspectives EP Part 2 Open Bar Music
20 Soldiers (Instrumental) Atjazz, OVEOUS Soldiers Atjazz Record Company
21 Mutants (Original Mix) Xerophytic Soul The Surpreme Kai FOMP

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  1. NjHousehead - August 10, 2015 3:29 am

    Another great mix bro !!! Always love when you drop a new mix !! You have my full support !


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