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EPISODE 33 (London Live-FM) (MDC)

Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ was a mixture of Deep and Techness, however on a slightly faster tip than my normal sessions. This session will get you movin’ and steppin faster than usual, hypnotised by the changes in rhythm.

This session has a caution on it do not listen in public, you will look like you’ve lost the plot 😉

Serious beats for serious listeners & the Tracklisting says it all,

Thanks for your continued listening,

Enjoy your week,



1 New York City Fast Vision Soul New York City EP Deeper Shades Recordings
2 1999 Rocco 1999 Less Than Ten
3 Trevoga Kink Kink: Revisited Kolour Recordings
4 Sunset Ritual DJ BIOPIC Sunset Ritual HOUSE HED MUSIC
5 Seuil – 1999 Seuil Fluctuat Nec Mergitur Circus Company
6 Slow Run in Our Dreams MFO Future City Traffic – Part 1 Dekmantel
7 Narada Das Eduardo De La Calle Sanskrit Vèda EP Endless
8 My Dutty Dub Nick Holder Toronto Track Company DNH
9 Running Lights V (Original Mix) Of Norway Touching Distance / The Trip / Running Lights V My Favorite Robot Records
10 Love Somebody (Rocco’s Dub) ADE Sampler 2012, Marlon D Full Control Volume 3 Room Control
11 FAUX PAS DJ BIOPIC The Promise EP BedroomRecords09
12 No. 1 Deep Penetration (Jerome’s Demo Dub 1) Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler No. 1 Deep Penetration Ibadan
13 Better Talk (Seuil Remix) David K, Varoslav Better Talk Rue de Plaisance
14 The Poem (Original Mix) Benny Grauer The Poem Moodmusic
15 Circumstance 4 Leif Get Physical Music Presents: Heller And Farley’s ‘Tears’ – A Deep House Compilation Get Physical
16 Tech This Out (Kaytronik Dub) Karizma Beats & Bobs Vol.1 R2
17 Dont Shut Me Out (Plastik Cut) Louie Balo Guzman Various People Vol.1 Plastik People
18 Nibiru (Seuil Remix) Special Case Nibiru Turquoise Blue Recordings
19 Yellow Head (Kink Remix) Victors Mob. Yellow Head
20 Ddebas (Original Mix) Bar Za Talent Scout Vol. 1 Mesmerize Musique
21 Obsessed (Original Mix) Credit 00 Uncanny Valley 20 Uncanny Valley
22 E79 Kink Rachel EP Ovum Recordings
23 Energy Flash Joey Beltram 30 Years Of R&S Records R&S Records
24 Acid Love (London Cutterz Mix) DJ BIOPIC Acid Love HOUSE HED MUSIC
25 Jewels (Original Mix) Alex Niggemann Best Of Soulfooled – 4 Year Anniversary Soulfooled
26 Felt (William Kouam Djoko’s Gevoelsmens Mix) Efdè Felt Nordik Net Records
27 Konbanwa Kyodai Konbanwa / So Special Local Talk
28 Come (Main Globe Mix) Kevin Yost, Peter Funk I Records Classics Triple Pack Three i! Records Classics

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