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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was all about the Afro, Yes, it was time and as always I went in Big Time, no messing about just delivering deep rooted tracks with that extra lil something… I even played a few of my own tracks on this session as well as tracks from my label. it is not a session to miss and definately one for the archives!!!

I actually didn’t do any rewinds on this session as was keen to ensure I got through all what I had intended to get through so just played till my heart was content…

When I first bought the selection I was like hmmm not sure about some of these, however once I started playing I was like never doubt your heart and go with what feels right and that’s exactly what I did as you will hear.

I was real happy with todays session and hope you are too.

Peace & Love to you all,

Have a good week,

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Track Listing:

1 Tribal Truth La Deep & Illyricum Inside Myself EP House HED Music
2 The Sea Pietro Nicosia The Sea Cabana
3 Don’t You Know Kul-Chad Soul Beauty And Destruction EP DNH
4 Deeper Shades Jazzme JM Underground Cafe Sonic Dreams Musique
5 Penda Curious (Original Mix) DJ Spax-vybz, Koku Gonza A Decade Later Nulu
6 The Stars (Oscar P Afro Jazz Mix) DJ Vivona, Oscar P The Stars, Pt. 2 Sunclock
7 Steady La Deep Inside Myself EP House HED Music
8 Love Will (Ancestral Soul Mix) Boddhi Satva, Bilal Love Will (feat. Bilal) Offering Recordings
9 Year of Graduation Benny T Tswana Perspectives 3 Open Bar Music
10 The Days DeLura, Romeo The Poet, Amanda Klaas Souldance Season 1 Q Phonic ENT
11 Thou Art My Peace Tom Diaz Thou Art My Peace House HED Music
12 Everything (Louie Vega Remix) Natasha Watts, Louie Vega Everything Vega Records
13 Benvenuti (Original) Vincenzo Siracusa Signals: Amsterdam 2012 Mixed Signals Music
14 Running Away (Main Mix) C-Major (SA), Faye Wonder The South African EP #4 Atal
15 Moments (Bar lounge Mix) DJ Biopic Moments House HED Music
16 Code Zero (Original Mix) L’Funk DJ, Just Me Code Zero Soulful Horizons Music
17 Colors M. Caporale, Pietro Nicosia Elevate Soul MoBlack Records
18 AFROLOSOPHY (Original Mix) Cisco Barcelo AFROLOSOPHY House Tribe Records
19 Endless Motion (Come With Me) (UPZ & Abicah Soul Rmx) Dahl Hates Disco, UPZ, Abicah Soul Endless Motion soWHAT
20 Joburg (Original Mix) Oscar P & Lea Joburg Open Bar Music
21 Don’t Change Me DJ Biopic Forgive n Forget EP Open Bar Music

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