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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion Session’ was on another level….All new music and jeeze did i go in, yes, I did, delivering a Super Chilled Deep session, which I have to say I really enjoyed.

The track listing is off the chain as you will see, I really really went in today.

I couldn’t even name a fav’ track, however I can say that the Atjazz track got the rewind and the chat room thoroughly approved!

It was one of those sessions and cannot wait to listen back to this session and I even played one of my tracks that’s unreleased currently and haven’t decided when I’m bringing it out, so it’s a proper exclusive for y’all…!!!

So on another note, I walked into my barbers yesterday (Saturday) and I sat down and heard some chilled tunes playing and said “What you know about these tunes!” He said, ‘it’s your session mate, not only do I play them in the shop, however I also use it for the gym’…

That really made my day and it’s the smaller things that really count and as small as this seems it was big to me.

Thought I’d share that 🙂

Anyway peep’s it’s time…

Have a wicked day & week and happy Mothers day to those who deserve it.

Peace N Love to all


Track Listing:

1 Represent Right Here Hodini WOLFEP039 Wolf Music Recordings
2 What Happens When Im No Longer Here Yse Saint Laur’ant Cure For Gravity Editorial
3 Self (Original Mix) Jaydeep Self TJK Entertainment
4 Field Recording (Original Mix) Lance DeSardi Back Trax Lazy Days Recordings
5 O-WA (Original Mix) Deep Montage, Kaysoul O-WA Lisztomania Records
6 A Day After (Original Mix) Paul2Paul Suprematism, Vol. 1 Supremus Records
7 Classy Felix Leifur In General EP Dirt Crew Recordings
8 Roots Of Soul (Atjazz Remix) Gabriele Poso, Atjazz Future Sounds Of Jazz Volume 13 Compost
9 Anger Component Rick Wade Heads Only Viva Recordings
10 Dream Your Dream (Kez YM Remix) Guiddo, Louie Austen, Kez YM Dream Your Dream (Remixes) Luv Shack Records
11 Moment In Time (Craig Smith Remix) Mike Steva, Georg Levin, Craig Smith Who Am I Remixes Yoruba Records
12 Through The Night (with Erik Rico) (Kai Alce’s Distinctive Vocal Remix) Jonna, Kai Alce Through The Night Shadeleaf
13 Enchantment Angora Word, Sound & Power Rush Hour
14 Cranc (Full Length Version) Kiko Navarro Twilight / Cranc BBE
15 All Night Long (Eric Smith Remix) Sinan Kaya, Eric Smith All Night Long Lisztomania Records
16 What’s In Your Head (Ali Nasser’s Timeless Remix) Archie Hamilton, Ali Nasser What’s In Your Head EP Moscow Records
17 Ibiza by Night (Paradise Mix) Viktor Martini Feat. Frame Starck, Viktor Martini, Frame Starck Chorus, Vol. 1 Soulful Legends
18 A Long Time Ago Nathan Phillips SA House MusiQ EP Open Bar Music

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