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I try and do a super deep set once every couple of months on … Today was the day! This is Super Deep (Part 2) and believe me it’s Super Deep!!!

I Hope you enjoy, whilst on your hols look out from the beach or just chillin…

It’s time,

Tracklisting on WWW.DJBIOPIC.COM in a couple days max.




Num. Title Artist Release Label
1 What You Want (Original) Michele Fantini Bound Smoke Joke Records
2 Like It Spicy (Original Mix) RhythmDK Like It Spicy Xsign Records
3 Hype (Main Mix) Young Free School Child Live Strauss Entertainment
4 Deep Harmony (Original) Michele Fantini Bound Smoke Joke Records
5 Psyche-Delia Garnier KL 2036 EP MCDE Recordings
6 Purple Night Fred Del Mar Berlin Deephouse Summer Beach, Vol. 1 Deep House Amigo (Detroit)
7 Nakhodka Khotin feat. Via App, Khotin, Via App Hello World 1080p
8 Inversie (Caractere Remix) Widovski Best Selection Melotherapy
9 Montparnasse Floating Points King Bromeliad / Montparnasse Eglo Records
10 Youre My Choice Tonight (Mano Le Tough Remix) Iron Curtis Detroit City 101 Kolour Recordings
11 Hundred Miles Simon Hinter Loving Team Records
12 Sweet Honey Evren Furtuna Come Back To The Ground Kolour Recordings
13 Stmete (Original Mix) Miltiades Stmete EP Echovolt
14 Meek (Original Mix) Ilya Mangazeev Mosaic Crumpled Music
15 Vice (Langenberg Mood Mix) Triad Peppermint Jam Pres., Deep House Files, Vol. 2 Peppermint Jam
16 Pull Groove (Original Mix) Zurp, Nacho Portigliatti Evolucion EP Tempura Records
17 Hues (A Robin Masters Orchestra Rework) Frankman Berlin Deephouse Summer Beach, Vol. 1 Deep House Amigo (Detroit)
18 So Happy Suna Path Compilation Volume 10 Bulletdodge
19 Where Days Begin Julius Steinhoff Flocking Behaviour Smallville
20 Night Drive (Original Mix) Lake People Night Drive Rumors
21 Bring Me Joy (Original) Rosario Galati Bring Me Joy Deep Deluxe Recordings
22 Twilight Room (Original Mix) Usmev, Bleu Renee Twilight Room Bogota Records
23 Sometimes (Leigh D Oliver remix) Miami Ice Blackout EP Freche Fruchte Recordings
24 U Don’t Understand Ny*ak Please Come Correct Shadeleaf Music
25 Streets Of Tristen Pictures From Above AIM

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