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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was all about the Chilled vibes. I’ve been talking about doing one of these sessions for ages, as summers coming and I can imagine myself sipping on  something with a lil kick to it by the poolside watching the day go by, yes, that’s the vibes I was on today.

Slightly out of my usual session comfort zone, however, what do they say, push the boundaries to test yourself. It’s not just as much as playing the tracks, it’s about how they amalgamate into a story, ‘The ups and downs of life, your feelings at the time… Yes you all know what I’m talking about, surely!

So anyway I gave it my all… and the selection I picked kept it real and underground no commercial business just down right deep and chilled!!!

I had a pretty good weekend getting mash up as always, however life throws strange punches and dealing with them takes it’s toll, however, will and compromisation IMO are def’ aspects that can help you get through, so take time as I did to appreciate what you have (No matter how big or small it is) and always remember there’s always someone worst off than you.

Sometimes we are spoilt, want everything just as we expect it, however life certainly doesn’t work like that. be kind, humble and look after those who you care about, try not to judge those you don’t understand…

Not dictating, just speaking out an observation I’ve taken from my own mind set 😉

Deep yes, just like this session….

Well that was my weekend 🙂

It’s time peeps…

Peace and Love to each and every one of you who spend the time listening to hours of my podcasts & reading my blogs, nothing but love for yah.

Have a as decent week as possible,


Track Listing:

1 Natal Em Natal Sombra Modos Balearic Lounge Beats Stereoheaven
2 Stream of Consciousness Pindaric Spleen Balearic Lounge Beats Stereoheaven
3 Paulina Paolo Diaz Sweet Summer, Vol. 2 Lounge Box
4 Over the Sea (Island Sounds Deluxe Mix) Vladi Strecker Lounge Bar New York, Vol. 1 – With Chill & Jazz Through the Night Manifold Records
5 New Orleans (Original Mix) Nick Edwardson Fluorite 1st Crystal Armoracya
6 Tibet (Original Mix) Seldon Thaye Ring Of Intellect #2 Armoracya
7 Alegria The Sura Quintet, Pato Balearic Lounge Beats Stereoheaven
8 Back on the Street (Smooth Jazz Mix) The Man Behind C. Lounge Bar New York, Vol. 1 – With Chill & Jazz Through the Night Manifold Records
9 Night Movements DJ Biopic Tones Of Two A Deeper Groove
10 Seabreeze (Original) Tiptoes Celui La Lyceum Social Club
11 Das Parfum Lamar Ensemble Balearic Lounge Beats Stereoheaven
12 Fresh Pick Secret Souls Cryptic Clues Antidote Music
13 Computers Dream of Encrypted Quantisation Errors Secret Souls Cryptic Clues Antidote Music
14 Bossa (Admin Remix) Chezz, Admin Remix EP Boogie Cafe Records
15 Nostalgie du voyage (Jazzslider Mix) Vladi Strecker Lounge Bar New York, Vol. 1 – With Chill & Jazz Through the Night Manifold Records
16 Blessed (Monodeluxe GrooveJazz Remix) Those Boys, Monodeluxe Lush City Vibe Boutique Records
17 Let It Go (BiG AL Remix) Tim Andresen, BiG AL Let It Go Savoir Faire Musique
18 Nibiru (Original Mix) H Ramirez, Royy Restrepo Nibiru Nervous
19 South River Aqua Mundi Balearic Lounge Beats Stereoheaven
20 Fri AyOwA Fri Music For Dreams
21 At Les (Side Project Remix) Carl Craig, Side Project At Les: MetaPop Remixes MetaPop


  1. Andy Ward - May 15, 2017 7:19 am

    Nice write up.. checking out the show now

    • biopic - May 15, 2017 7:34 am

      Thanks, appreciated…


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