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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was strictly on the Afro tip… Yes, a session I haven’t done for sometime… !!!

I just needed a break, wasn’t really feeling what was out so focused on other genres I was enjoying, however, jeeeze, this session delivers a punch and a half, yes this session was deep, dirty, and mostly uplifting. There is always fire in a genre however sometimes the perils of the search become tedious, though on this occasion it wasn’t the case. I’ve been building up a playlist over the weeks to give you what I feel is a standard that should please you!!!

Tracks doing it for me on this session were from Freerange, MoBlack & Open Bar labels and even drew a couple of my own plus a special little piece from IndySoul.

Just in case you’re interested and as I was explaining in the chatroom when I played one of my tracks and someone asked who made this…, I have a story or feeling behind every track I make, Invisible Me is due to me not shining on the promotion side, so when my tracks go out my marketing is not the best therefore it takes a while before peeps catch on to some of my work, therefore feeling invisible t o the public… Deep yes, as per all the tracks I make, there is definitely a feeling,story or motive behind them all and the titles….

Thought I’d just share a piece of me…ANYWAY…

This session is not one to miss so get involved RIGHT NOW!!! 🙂

It’s time Peeps,

Enjoy your week as best as possible,

Peace N Love to all,


Track Listing:

1 Thanos Interlude Neue Grafik Soul Conspiracy 22a
2 Supreme (feat. AfroTura) AfroTura, Corinda Aso (feat. AfroTura) Offering Recordings
3 Mantwe (Rancido’s Aiden Dub) West & Hill, Les Enchanted, Rancido Mantwe Depth
4 Hold On Don’t Let Go (Mortimer Snerd III, Belizian Voodoo Priest Drum God ReTouch) Mortimer Snerd III, Belizian Voodoo Priest Hold On Don’t Let Go MMP Records
5 Ice Cream (Original Mix) Luka, Mz Jay The Remastered Select EP We Go Deep
6 Ngwana Mobu (Original Mix) LuuDrumma Steel Caged 4 – War Zone Pilz Stew Music
7 Umbayae` (Oye) (Main Mix) Luis Loowee R Rivera Umbayae` (Oye) Ripptrax
8 New Beginning DJ Biopic Disarray EP House HED Music
9 Silent Stars Jimpster Silent Stars Freerange
10 Yeyuh Steve Miggedy Maestro Sound Open Bar Music
11 Invisible Me DJ Biopic Invisible Me EP House HED Music
12 Intoxicant Eyes (Original Mix) Arnaud D, Kamau Abayomi I Power Love Nulu
13 Till The End (Original Mix) Legentic Deep, Blessing White Till The End La MuziQue Afreak
14 Pheramones Osunlade Pyrography BBE
15 Afrolatina (Vocal) David Montoya, Elizabeth Acevedo Afrolatina Tribe Records
16 Afro Mass (Original Mix) Afro Carrib Afro Mass Mycrazything Records
17 I Power Love (Arnaud D Remix) Arnaud D, Kamau Abayomi I Power Love Nulu
18 ASD IndySoul ASD House HED Music
19 The Horn Conspiracy (DJ-Kicks) Michael Mayer The Horn Conspiracy (DJ-Kicks) !K7
20 Sama Elias (GER) Baya / Sama MoBlack Records


  1. Sandile - May 22, 2017 11:51 am

    Hot deep mix I like

    • biopic - May 28, 2017 5:02 pm

      Thank You!!! 😉

  2. les enchanted - June 4, 2017 4:00 pm

    thanks for the support 🙂

    • biopic - June 11, 2017 2:17 pm

      Thanks for the track!!!


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