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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was on the Deep tip. After seeing what happened in my London Town I could bring myself to play anything to upbeat, so it’s a pretty Deep, sometimes moody and damn chilled at other points. As usual, Started off with some choice cuts and then moved into the deepness. This session is all about enjoying each day you get on earth and making the most of the good times, however never forgetting how quick things can change!

Second Part of this weeks session is all about HHM  Releases. Haven’t done one of these before so it’s a little Exclusive and I won’t be posting on all sites so it will only be on this web site and via iTunes….Enjoy!!!

Yep as usual, i’ve gone deep.

Short, Sharp, Sweet!!!

It’s time to get involved,

Enjoy Peeps…. Peace N Love,


Track Listing:

1 Ghede (Interlude) Afroschnitzel Disco Voudou MoBlack Records
2 Beautiful Day Hardage, Jocelyn Brown Jocelyn Brown Bacci Bros Records
3 Reciprocal Inhibition (Original Mix) Pindaric Spleen Sexy & Chill Feelings Giverny Music
4 Shanti Tim Deluxe The Radicle (Expanded Edition) Classic Music Company
5 Fuzzy Detail Morgan Geist Megaprojects Two Environ
6 What It Isn’t DJ Nature Ultimate Delusion EP Futureboogie Recordings
7 Rent-A-Disc Esa Aweh EP Dekmantel
8 Track 3 (Mix 1) Atjazz Track 3 (Mix 1) Atjazz Record Company
9 JAS (Rhodes Remix) Tim Deluxe The Radicle (Expanded Edition) Classic Music Company
10 Haunted Larse Suol Summer Daze 2017, Pt. 2 suol
11 Fluke Rampa Hall Of Violence EP Innervisions
12 From A Past Life Lone Ambivert Tools Volume One R&S Records
13 The Statement (The Black 80s Mix) Jon Cutler, Eman, The Black 80s Papa Ibiza 2017 Papa Records
14 In The Shadows Feat. Romain Gowe (Moon Rocket NYC Remix) Mattei & Omich, Romain Gowe, Moon Rocket In The Shadows Metropolitan Promos
15 Function (Original Mix) Sue Avenue Function Nervous
16 Astral Palms (Original Mix) Marcel Lune Astral Palms Local Talk
17 Walk By Me (Scott Diaz Grand Plans Dub) SanXero, Katarina G, Scott Diaz Papa Ibiza 2017 Papa Records
18 Blood Moon Jazzuelle, Da Capo Blood Moon Get Physical
19 Rent-A-Disc Esa Aweh EP Dekmantel
20 Yolk La Deep Yolk House HED Music

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