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Second Part of this weeks session is all about HHM  Releases. Haven’t done one of these before so it’s a little Exclusive and I won’t be posting on all sites so it will only be on this web site and via iTunes….Enjoy!!!

Yep as usual, i’ve gone deep.

Short, Sharp, Sweet!!!

It’s time to get involved,

Enjoy Peeps…. Peace N Love,


Track Listing:

21 New Beginning DJ Biopic Disarray EP House HED Music
22 Glow (Boskay Remix) DJ BIOPIC, BOSKAY Glow House HED Music
23 Red Light DJ Biopic Red Light EP House HED Music
24 Nine Clouds DJ Biopic Trouble in Paradise EP House HED Music
25 Searchin DJ Biopic Red Light EP House HED Music
26 When U Feel It DJ Biopic Small Minds House HED Music
27 Reboot DJ Biopic Lucha Libre Beats EP House HED Music
28 Mind Body Soul mp3 DJ Biopic Home Taping EP House HED Music
29 Deep4Life (Biopic Distraction Mix) IndySoul Deep4Life House HED Music
30 Codes DJ Biopic Deep Afro Journey EP House HED Music
31 WiFi (Biopic Distraction Mix) DJ Biopic EXCLUSIVE PROMO House HED Music

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