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EPISODE 45 (London Live-FM) (DEEP IN 2015) PART 1

Well haven’t been in town for a while, however have had a fantastic time the last couple of weeks in Germany and Madrid, then Birthday celebrations, visiting the theatre to see Wicked, which was wicked, Get it 🙂 and then lots of drink in various establishments to get me in the weekend mood!

I finished it off with a spa break in London and that was fantastic!!!

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes, it’s been appreciated.

Anyway back in the swing of things and give you what I considered to be some of the tracks I dug most over the year on this ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session, however not necessarily tracks that I played most over the year. These tracks just had something about them that captured my soul and this is part 1.

Not gonna talk too much this week as in major recovery mode, however I’m sure you will enjoy this session.

This happens to be the last session before Christmas so make sure you have this on at the dinner table 😉

Peace and Love to you all over this festive period.



Track Listing

1 In To Love (Max Graef Remix) Frogs In Socks Keep It Death Proof Vol.2 Death Proof Recordings
2 Dreams (Original Mix) Deep Montage Long Nights EP L2M Records
3 Marble Zone Purple Velvet Marble Zone EP Large Music
4 To The Bone (Original Mix) A Deeper Groove Dance With Me E.P. A Deeper Groove Recordings
5 DXin’ (Original Mix) Blinds Acidafin Vol.1 A Friend In Need
6 Tech This Out (Kaytronik Dub) Karizma Beats & Bobs Vol.1 R2
7 Deeper Consciousness (NY Shelter Dub) Oscar P, Ade Alafia Deeper Consciousness Open Bar Music
8 In Bed With You Thatmanmonkz, Pete Simpson Are You Still Sleeping EP Classic Music Company
9 E79 Kink Rachel EP Ovum Recordings
10 Cold Like Ice DJ Biopic Small Minds House HED Music
11 Deep Ocean EP (Incl. Ron Trent Remix) (Deep Ocean) Patchworks pres. Mr Day Deep Ocean EP (Incl. Ron Trent Remix) Still Music
12 An Imperfect Word (Original Mix) Luka An Imperfect Word We Go Deep
13 The Tune (Original Mix) Billy El Nino Operation Funk EP Love On
14 Ode To 313 (June Lopez Deep Groove Mix) Max Martinez Ode To 313 Plastik People Digital
15 Codes (Original) DJ Biopic Deep Afro Journeys EP House HED Music
16 Destiny (Concrete) DJ Biopic Destiny House HED Music
17 Tunnels Sisterhood Tunnels Tief Music
18 Good Night From Chicago (Soul Minority Midsummer Nights Remix) T. Ruggieri Good Night From Chicago Oh! Records Stockholm
19 The Infamous (Original Mix) Butch, C.Vogt The Infamous Rebirth

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