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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was the first one in almost a month!!!

I was so glad to be back, feeling refreshed and a well needed break!

I went in on a Deep tip for this session and delivered to you purely new choonage of a deepish nature and as my equipment failed on me, I ‘ve change it and will soon introduce vinyl to my sets, so I’m really looking forward to getting back in shops and Vinyl searching as the digital world is all good and however is the chase of finding a physical gem, if you know, you know!

Anyway the selection today was dangerous and I’m trying something different this week so please comment and let me know if you dig!

I’ve recorded my voice into this session, whichI’ve never done before and quite frankly don’t know how to turn it off lol on my new setup… so until I do, you may hear me with my English accent. Feedback is always good and don’t be shy.

Well it’s time peeps, got family coming round today and I have to cook for them so I’m off…

Enjoy your week and don’t forget to leave feedback,

Have an eventful week,

Peace n Love,


Track Listing:

1 Planet of the Apes (Ben Hoo’s Full Circle Mix) Tantsui Get Physical Presents: Ibiza 2017 – Compiled & Mixed by Ben Hoo Get Physical
2 Bourbon Dogs (Original Mix) Fewture, Freddie Glitch Travel Trophies sinnmusik*
3 Promenade Lavvy Levan EP Three Friday Fox Recordings
4 Drenched (Don Melon Sunrise Mix) Kruse & Nuernberg, Don Melon Drenched Open Bar Music
5 Peruvian Blacky Headlight Bub Black Jazz Digital
6 Bossa B (Glenn Astro Remix) Hector Plimmer, Glenn Astro Bossa B Albert’s Favourites
7 Coltrane (Atjazz Remix) Marc Tilley Coltrane Atjazz Record Company
8 Dreamz Mad Rey Balabushka D.KO Records
9 Deep Sung (Original Mix) Ricky KK Technoism Issue 15 Voltaire Music
10 I Feel Your Love (Original Mix) Bobby Analog Love Lost EP Extended Play Recordings
11 Happy Hour (Original Mix) VRRS Happy Hour Manucci’s Mistress
12 Hysterical Years (Enea DJ & Dj Lukas Wolf Remix) Hardage, Gil Scott-Heron, Enea DJ, Dj Lukas Wolf Formentera 2017 Bacci Bros Records
13 L/F (Mix 2) DJ Nature L/F Shadeleaf
14 Nami Slythe Solo EP Pleasurex Records
15 Conscious Of My Conscience (Borrowed Identity Remix) Freaks, 012, Borrowed Identity Rebirth 10 Remixed – Part Two Rebirth
16 Rhythm Of The Vibe (Original) Tuff Vibes Nicer ‘N’ Riper EP Plastik People Recordings
18 See You on the Other Side (Mount Liberation Unlimited Crying Cowboy Dubb) Fouk With Lasers EP Heist Recordings
19 (0013) Future Predictions Anders And Love Brown Fat
20 Panorama Blues (Original Mix) Nathan G, James Chappell Blockwork EP Luvbug Recordings
21 Sunrise Boyard Still In Space Piston Recordings

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