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Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was a mixture of emotions, yes one of those ones!

I was able to go in for 4hrs so it comes in two parts. Part 1 is like my regular session however given you choonage you haven’t heard in a while, whilst part 2 was on the mellow tip less of me and more of the music.

Not much to say this week other than thanks to all for listening weekly and big love for your week ahead!!!

It’s time peeps,

Take care and have a good week and don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast on iTunes or pick up the sessions on Mixcloud.

Peace N Love,

Track Listing:

Num. Title Artist Release Label
1 Forbidden Love (Main Vocal) Distant People, Nicole Mitchell Various Artists – Cafe Solaire (Vol. 20) Soulstar
2 Free (Guiro Vocal Mix) Stevie Sole pres. Guiro feat. Angela Johnson Free Sole
3 Bound (Bound (Freestyle Man Deep Mix)) DSE Bound Moodmusic
4 Only U (Ewonder Original Mix) Ewonder feat. JD Smoothe Only U Ewonder Records Intl
5 Still (Incl. Vialocal, Toto Chiavetta Remixes) (V Underground Mid-day Mix) Monocles & Slezz feat. Vusani Still (Incl. Vialocal, Toto Chiavetta Remixes) Vialocal
6 Give It Up (1990 Spin ‘n’ Rinse Cycle) Matt Meler feat. Ron E Jones Give It Up Random Soul Recordings
7 Moody (Original Mix) Nicko Vee Deeper Shades Be My Girl
8 I Want You For Myself (Vick Lavender Sophisticado Vocal Mix) The Dizz & Azza feat.Mmelashon I Want You For Myself Maurice Joshua Digital
9 Full Fronteira EP (Baila Conmigo) Nova Fronteira Full Fronteira EP Z Records
10 The Love We Had (Miguel Migs Original Vocal) Miguel Migs, Peven Everett Various Artists – Cafe Solaire (Vol. 20) Soulstar
11 What’s Going On (Original Mix) Fragmented Soul Skins EP Brain Kat Records
12 Promise (Original) DJ Seany B Lost In House EP Groove Odyssey
13 I’m In Love (Caught Up Version) Sha-Lor I’m In Love RushHour
14 See Line Woman (Vocal Mix) Songstress See Line Woman Ibadan
15 Loving Life (Right Now) (Original Mix) Cofano & Troby feat.Nicole Mitchell Loving Life (Right Now) Universe Media
16 How It Feels Mr. Jools How It Feels EP Blacksoul
17 Stealing Love (Original Mix) Grant Nelson Stealing Love Swing City
18 Move On (Original) Kay Suzuki, Duchy Opening EP Round In Motion

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