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Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was all about the Deep!!!

Started off with some choice cuts just to mess with your mind, then went in later on… Yes quite a few rewinds on this session, tracks that just caught me by surprise and delivered on a whole new level, yes you will hear!

So been away for a week and yes I missed it, but have no fearI’m back.. Sometimes work takes you by surprise and you have to go above and beyond, that was last week, this is this week so I went in hard underground style…

All tracks I played today were brand spanking new and I even played one of my own unreleased!

Yes I went in… So feel free to tell your friends I went in as you will hear, no messin’ just straight hard cuts for your ears,

Hope you enjoy peeps,

Peace & Love,


Track Listing:

1 Seasons Change Liz Aku Ankhor Sonar Kollektiv
2 Oyelo (By the Sea Mix) Sunlightsquare, Kay Suzuki Oyelo Sunlightsquare Records
3 Hours Go By Rkls Hours Go By R2
4 Gone Laurence Guy, Contours Saw You for the First Time Church
5 We Dance (Intr0beatz Remix) Spok Da Rok, Intr0beatz Remixology, Vol. 1 Fade To Funk
6 Baby Tell Me Fish Go Deep Baby Tell Me EP Large Music
7 Appreciate (Original Mix) Jesse Rose, Seven Davis Jr Alright Mate Play It Down
8 Klubbensborg Art Alfie Reveries Of Studio Barnhus
9 Cute Price (James Benedict Remix) Tom Ellis, James Benedict Cute Price / Off On A Tangent (Remixes) [incl. Paul Ursin, James Benedict Remixes] Nite Grooves
10 MaxwellsBar SEK PROMO Kolour Recordings
11 -The Symbols_xs Basicmethods PROMO Kolour Recordings
13 Dance In Retrograde Ge-ology DKMNTL X PATTA 08 Dekmantel
14 Ambient (Original Mix) Wanvel Nuits Sonores Lany Recordings
15 Saudade (Original Mix) Carlos Francisco Saudade SP Recordings
16 Avalon &ME Avalon EP Keinemusik
17 Winston’s Midnight Disco Waajeed Shango EP Dirt Tech Reck
18 Les Bal Des Pieuvres (Original Mix) Jehan Air Dancer EP Star Creature Universal Vibrations
19 Le Mirage Black Loops Red Light – EP Toy Tonics
20 Plants (feat. Paul Cut) Seb Wildblood, Paul Cut The One with the Emoticon Omena
21 Here I Am Real J WOLFEP040 Wolf Music Recordings
22 Inner Space (Original Mix) Niro (Italy) Pieces Of You Pads
23 Whoja Vu Mat Chiavaroli No Stranger To Madness Quintessentials

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