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DJ Biopic’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session 5 on DEEPHOUSELOUNGE

Hey, you bunch of crazy Loungers, what a SHOW! on deephouselounge Started off with some Cats Like Jack (Zulu), then moved into some DJ Biopic Pressure (Project Provocateur), then we got even deeper in the lounge… Deeeeep naughty un-called for basslines, then warmed you back up again to close out the show… What can I say, no need, find out for yourself!

(Project Provocateur) in stores now under the Deeper Dreamz E.P – DJ Biopic


Track-list as below from the usual on-line good stores apart from Cats like Jack :


1 Metropolitan Cristopher Costta 4:49 Metropolitan Beat Art Records
2 Zulu  Cats like Jack 11:45
3 Project Provocateur (Main Mix) DJ Biopic 10:19 Deeper Dreamz E.P Mojear
4 Fallin’ Viadrina 6:58 Where The Wind Blows BPitch Control
5 Gettin’ Hot (Jonny Bee remix) 4BEATCLUB 7:02 Gettin’ Hot Savoir Faire Musique
6 Route 606 (Original Mix) Replika 5:34 Tuff Works Pt.2 Underground Source Records
7 Just Wanna Dance Elize 7:23 About This Girl EP Tenth Circle
8 Send A Prayer (Part.1) Motor City Drum Ensemble 5:04 Send A Prayer EP MCDE Recordings
9 Gravity Room Giovanni Damico 7:06 Old Feelings Seven Music
10 Rush (Original) Giovanni Damico 6:29 Veteri Carillon Records
11 Night Moves Luke Black 7:46 Hardmouth Back to the Future
12 Ambiguous D2B 9:11 Ambiguous Asymmetric Recordings
13 Get Sexy (Original Mix) Paul Najera, Jr. Quijada 6:34 Let’s Dance LP Endemic Digital
14 Fall D.Fine 4:46 Fall Discobelle Records
15 La Noche Nos Envuelve COSTA, Bruno 4:42 The Instrumentalist Kharma & Factory
16 Overnight (Original Mix) Apollos Creed 5:59 Maison Records Winter Sampler Maison Records
17 Down & Need (Original) Coffee Pot 7:14 Solchi Abstract Theory
18 An Imperfect Word (Yao Kuwane Remix) Luka 7:15 An Imperfect Word We Go Deep
19 Be With You (Original Mix) Paul Najera, Jr. Quijada 6:36 Let’s Dance LP Endemic Digital
20 Know You’re The S**t Carnao Beats 8:19 The Abyss EP Audio Rehab
21 An Imperfect Word (Original Mix) Luka 7:22 An Imperfect Word We Go Deep
22 I Only (Original Mix) Luka 6:37 We Can Together We Go Deep
23 Tales From The Deepside 2 (Yo (Instrumental)) Mr.V 6:49 Tales From The Deepside 2 SOLE Channel
24 Arecibo 2 Syncopate Soul 7:03 Syncopate Soul Digital Imprint Trax
25 And Than We (Original Mix) BrEaCh, T. Williams 7:42 Friends Will Carry You Home Too Part 3 Pets Recordings
26 No Sense Night (Original Mix) Rossano Carotenuto 6:26 Night E.P. nmrecords
27 Step Into My Life (U-Key and Kez YM Remix) Kay Suzuki 5:34 Altered State Ep Round In Motion
28 Sudden Death BLM 7:33 Sudden Death Secretsundaze
29 Everyday (Original) Giovanni Damico 7:39 Veteri Carillon Records
30 No Shade (Original) Jerome Sydenham, Sylvie Forêt 6:16 No Shade Ibadan
31 Music 4 The Soul (Original Mix) Robert Clivilles, Eric Kupper 7:00 Music 4 The Soul Hysteria
32 I Juice To Dream (Furniture Crew Remix) Cezar Touch 6:48 Dreamsickles EP Clean and Dirty Recordings
33 In The Line Of Fire (Original Mix) Till Von Sein, Tigerskin 6:52 Friends Will Carry You Home Too Part 3 Pets Recordings
34 Saxophonic (Original Mix) Miguel Matoz 7:22 Souled Revisited Souled Records

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