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Today’s session was a Marathon, broken into 3 sections (Breaks, Deep & Classics), this session being (Part 2) Deep & I went in… Cuts like you never heard before!!!

This session is def’ an eye opener….Jeeeze it was madness all up in London Live FM today.

Track-listing on

I’ll post part 3 through the week…

Peace out,


1 New York City Fast Vision Soul New York City EP Deeper Shades Recordings
2 The Same for Me Andy Hart La Même Pour Moi EP Heist Recordings
3 The Other One Anthony Shakir Best Of Rush Hour 2010 RushHour
4 Street Sounds Oliver Gehrmann Trinity EP Local Talk
5 In To Love (Max Graef Remix) Frogs In Socks Keep It Death Proof Vol.2 Death Proof Recordings
6 Closer Jakobin & Domino Closer EP Large Music
7 My Dutty Dub Nick Holder Toronto Track Company DNH
8 Travelling (Atjazz Astro Remix) Jazzuelle Travelling Phat Elephant Recordings
9 Tech This Out (Kaytronik Dub) Karizma Beats & Bobs Vol.1 R2
10 Felt (William Kouam Djoko’s Gevoelsmens Mix) Efdè Felt Nordik Net Records
11 Konbanwa Kyodai Konbanwa / So Special Local Talk
12 Ode To 313 (June Lopez Deep Groove Mix) Max Martinez Ode To 313 Plastik People Digital
13 Amygdala (Roman Flügel Remix) DJ Koze Amygdala Remixes #2 Pampa Records
14 Tunnels Sisterhood Tunnels Tief Music
15 Frustration DJ Biopic Liberties Of Life EP A Deeper Groove
16 Merkin Andy Hart La Même Pour Moi EP Heist Recordings
17 Cannibus DJ Biopic Cannibus House HED Music
18 Alright Nachtbraker Janus EP Dirt Crew Recordings
19 I Can Love SKMK Giving Up On You Lost My Dog
20 Fish Feeling Kink Kink: Revisited Kolour Recordings
21 When I Play This Record (Original Mix) Man Without A Clue When I Play This Record DFTD
22 Get The Horns (Original Mix) Kevin Yost New Perspectives EP I Records Classics
23 Into Your Story (Into Your Story Kai Alce DISTINCTIVE Remix) Sandman, Riverside, Jeremy Ellis, Ayro Into Your Story (Kai Alce DISTINCTIVE Remix) Fast Forward

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