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This extended ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was a mixture of Archive Afro with the blend of some new cuts. I thoroughly enjoyed this session as I love going back into the archives and finding different blends of tracks in the mix. This session is strictly for the BBQ’s 🙂

As usual, I did go in and even rocked a couple of my own tracks from past.

Just take a look at the track listing and you will understand how BBQ mix ready this session is.

4hr session today and now mashed so gonna go have some lunch (feeling like a burger lol) gourmet or Byron Burger LMAO… as I’m typing my mouth is drooling.

Anyway, this session is in two parts and I’ll try my best to split up the track listing however not always that organised.

Have a good day and week,

Peace out,


Track Listing

35 1000 Droplets of H20 (H20 Main Leack) Afro Mojo My Tears MoBlack Records
36 Ina Rhythem (King Wave’s Afro Mix) Mthi Wa Afrika Ina Rhythem Arrecha Records
37 Fela Speaks (Biopic Distraction Mix) Oscar P Fela Speaks Open Bar Music
38 Time On Earth (Main Mix) ZwithyDeQuiver, Echo Deep Time On Earth Blaq Diamond Boyz Music
39 Love Is An Ocean (Main Mix) Ancestral-Quest Knock On Wood EP 1me-TarDreadz Entertainment
40 Love Is A Big Word To Say (Original Mix) Terry Texture Into Deep (Session 1) TSN Records
41 Talking To My Drums (Original Mix) Benny T Talking To My Drums Open Bar Music
42 This Is My Music (Original Mix) NjHouseHead This Is My Music Housahaulic Records
43 Inspirational (Instrumental Mix) Dominox Latte Inspirational Afrika Platinum
44 Soweto Dancer Lemonsoul Beats Shindig EP House Tribe Records
45 06. Oscar P and Swift – Berny Remix  The Drum  THE DRUM  OPEN BAR

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