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This ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was all about the Deepness, I went back in the archives to deliver tracks I haven’t played in a long while, some newish, most oldish however from this live session it was clear most were diggin the selection…

I did go in though even playing some of my own as you will hear and I can’t wait to hear it back.

It’s time peeps,

Enjoy you’re week,

Peace n Love


Track Listings:

1 Trials of the Blues Purple Velvet, Lisa D Trials & Tribulations Secret Reels
2 Nr.22 (Original Mix) Lexx Groove Nr.22 EP Metron Music
3 My Jil – Original Mix Alex Sander Deep Deluxe – Season 0.2 Wasabi Recordings
4 The Ship Sank (Original Mix) Iron Curtis A State Of Deep – Snow Edition Groovebirds Records
5 Dream Your Dream (Kez YM Remix) Guiddo, Louie Austen, Kez YM Dream Your Dream (Remixes) Luv Shack Records
6 Peruvian Blacky Headlight Bub Black Jazz Digital
7 Bound (Bound (Freestyle Man Deep Mix)) DSE Bound Moodmusic
8 Being (Youandewan Version) Savile Being Amadeus
9 I Only (Original Mix) Luka We Can Together We Go Deep
10 Milk & Cookies – trig_decaf House Mix Unclesound Milk & Cookies EP Clean House
11 A Day After (Original Mix) Paul2Paul Suprematism, Vol. 1 Supremus Records
12 O-WA (Original Mix) Deep Montage, Kaysoul O-WA Lisztomania Records
13 Field Recording (Original Mix) Lance DeSardi Back Trax Lazy Days Recordings
14 Under The Blue Larsson Close To The River EP Rotary Cocktail
15 Into A Deep (Original Mix) Alain Ho The Exquisite Originals, Vol. 1 The Exquisite Pain Recordings
16 Ppl of the Future Karol XVII & MB Valence Melange EP Sunset Handjob
17 Angel DJ Biopic Angel House HED Music
18 Hu (Original Mix) Jonasclean Hu Kolour Recordings
19 No More Love (Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana Remix) Nicola Martorano No More Love BATTI BATTI
20 Conquered Enemies Homework WOLFEP027 Wolf Music Recordings
21 Above The Horizon Dee Mac I Can See My Shadow DeepStitched
22 Nine Clouds DJ Biopic Trouble in Paradise EP House HED Music


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