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Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was filled of the spirits from the underground on an ancestrial level. I went in on the Afro Tip, giving you some old (from the archives) and some Brand spanking new cuts. This Session will keep you on your toes for sure.

I haven’t done a full Afro session in a while so thought it’s the perfect time to do so and I even played some cuts I don’t even remember buying, obviously did, however can’t ever remember playing, YES, it was one of those!

Not feeling well with some sort of stomach bug, however I went in, just for you!

Peace N Love to you all,

I’m gonna go nurse myself now.

Have a good week,


Track Listing:

1 Girl, Girl (Original Mix) Louie Austen What a Comeback! Monkey
2 Kalahari Tribe (Original Mix) AfroDrum On Another Level House365 Records
3 Thinking Forward Stasoul, Gintonic Stasoul Bizz Events
4 Sapphire (Deeper Chillout Mix) Dj Octopuz Sapphire Ancestral Recordings
5 Kalunga (Warren Deep’s Native Ritual Mix) Oscar P PROMO OpenBarMusic
6 Pandemonium DJ Biopic Invisible Me EP House HED Music
7 Children Of The Desert (Original Mix) Octopuz PROMO OpenBarMusic
8 Imowa Dance Ritual Ft. Soule (Benny T Tswana Perspectives) Invaders Of Afrika, Chromatic L Imowa Dance Ritual Deep Calls Recordings
9 Ukushisa (Original Mix) Solution Soul The Solution E.P. Fused Records
10 Ubuthakathi (Josiah De Disciple Hand Of God Mix) Sonz Of Afrika Ubuthakathi EP Rooters Conquest Digital
11 Tech Me Out (Original Mix) Owen Mo PROMO OpenBarMusic
12 New Beginning DJ Biopic Disarray EP House HED Music
13 Sunset Veja Vee Khali Deep Elements EP Afro Rebel Music
14 Djungel Jam Genius Of Time Juno Jam EP Running Back
15 Rocker (Spiritchaser Remix) Erin Leah, N’dinga Gaba Quantize Afrosentials Quantize Recordings
16 Birdland &ME Workparty Five Keinemusik
17 Acting Like (Napoleons Dub Mix) Rubberlips, Charmaine Acting Like Smooth Agent
18 Im Done Now (Original) DJ Garphie Im Done Now Think House Music
19 Searchin DJ Biopic Red Light EP House HED Music
20 Livin it Addvibe PROMO OpenBarMusic

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