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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was purely on the Deep tip given you pretty much all upfront tracks on this session apart from the last 40 mins where i went in on track I’ve produced, some out and some not as well as track from other artists on House HED Music. This session is going to truly rock you so I hope you’re ready and it’s a special as it’s 3 hours long of vibe after vibe.

Don’t forget next week something different, so enjoy this session and get ready for next week.

It’s time Peeps,

Peace n Love to all,

Have a good or decent week,


Track Listing:

1 Azul (Max Graef Remix) Ivan Conti, Max Graef Azul Far Out Recordings
2 Oh, Come On Iron Curtis Thoughts On 4lux Black
3 Lonnie’s Reprise Nicholas Lonnie’s Reprise Church
4 The Intro (Rocco Love Reedit) Kerri Chandler Yousef Presents Circus 15 Circus Recordings
5 You Can Stay (Johannes Remix) Evren Furtuna, Johannes You Can Stay Deep Site Digital
6 Leave Me Here (Jimpster Remix) Martin Iveson, Jimpster 10 by Ten Revisions Lazy Days Recordings
7 Get Down (feat. Ian Fink!) Waajeed, Ian Fink! Through It All Dirt Tech Reck
8 Nothing Wrong (James Braun Club Mix) Wayne Snow, James Braun Nothing Wrong Remixes Tartelet Records
9 Who Am I Kidding ? Ponty Mython Deep Love 2017 Dirt Crew Recordings
10 Welcome Speech (Original Mix) Crackazat Rainbow Fantasia Local Talk
11 Theme 01 Frits Wentink Two Bar House Music & Chord Stuff, Vol. 1 Wolf Music Recordings
12 Love Party (Original Mix) Brad Beat, Elliot Chapman Love Party Lisztomania Records
13 Floating Marlon Hoffstadt Observing The Known Ransom Note Records
14 Luna Dwson Luna Stay True Sounds
15 Clareia (Henry Wu Remix) Sabrina Malheiros, Henry Wu Clareia Remixes Far Out Recordings
16 Clarence (Smooth Mix) Brame & Hamo Trants EP Brame & Hamo
17 The Only One (Original Mix) Crackazat Rainbow Fantasia Local Talk
18 Hey Young World (NDATL Dub 1) Kayenne, Kai Alce Hey Young World NDATL Muzik
19 Seven Steps (Original Mix) Crackazat Coffee Time Eureka!
20 Strut Metro Area Metro Area (15th Anniversary Edition) Environ
21 Begin To Begin Lone Reality Testing R&S Records
22 The Sun Track Finest Wear, Jon Delerious Sun & Moon EP Large Music
23 The Answer Nicholas Lonnie’s Reprise Church
24 My Son’s Smile Pablo Valentino My Son’s Smile MCDE Recordings
25 Manhattan Drive DJ Different Manhattan Drive Distant Hawaii
26 I Remember Nothing IndySoul I Remember Nothing EP House HED Music
27 Signs DJ Biopic Trouble In Paradise EP House HED Music
28 Glow Bosky, DJ Biopic Glow House HED Music
29 Angel DJ Biopic Angel House HED Music
30 Streets DJ Biopic HI-TECH EP House HED Music
31 Shifty DJ Biopic SHIFTY EP DOIN WORK Records
32 Signals (Biopic Distraction Mix) DJ Biopic PROMO PROMO
33 Ohm IndySoul I Remember Nothing EP House HED Music
34 Insignia Boskay Insignia House HED Music
35 Mind Body Soul DJ Biopic HOME TAPING EP House HED Music

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