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What a session!

Mind Deep Confusion was proper flowing on the Deepness tip!

Too many new & exciting tracks were played on this session, so groovy, so Deep, so MDC…

New business from Pezzner, Kai Alce, Kolour Recordings Pablo Valentino & Myself

Family, it’s time!

Enjoy your week,


1 Room 4tweny1 DJ Biopic KONG EP House HED Music
2 Rockin K-Tel (Original Mix) Kai Alce Detroit Visionaries EP Finale Sessions
3 When I Was A Kid Pablo Valentino Pusic Records V.A. 034 Pusic Records
4 Alpine Marcin Czubala 5 Years of Gruuv, Vol. 1 Gruuv
5 Solstice Palace Vision Hot Haus Recs
6 Catch the Sun [feat. Madafi Pierre] (Deep Mix) Madafi Pierre, Nicholas, Deep Catch the Sun 4lux Black
7 Minor Track (Original) Playin’ 4 The City Backfire EP Plastik People Recordings
8 You made me change of heart Awanto3 V.A. 002 Pusic Records
9 Joe MacDaddy Oskar Offermann & Moomin Hardmood / Joe MacDaddy AIM
10 Ground Loop Saine 5ünf Pusic Records
11 Break Giovanni Damico 5ünf Pusic Records
12 In the Mood J. Crocker In The Mood Kolour Recordings
13 Laura Don’t Touch That Urulu 25 Cent Color EP Dirt Crew Recordings
14 Rosie (Nu Guinea’s Paradise Remix) Wayne Snow, Max Graef, N/a Rosie Tartelet Records
15 When I Was A Kid (Glenn Astro Remix) Pablo Valentino Pusic Records V.A. 034 Pusic Records
16 Detroit Pow (Pezzner’s Other Mix) Nicson, Skinnybone Love, Pezzner We Are Riding High Play My Track Recordings
17 Olokun Drala Only To Survive The Diaspora Yoruba Records
18 Lion Antonio Casertano Funky Zoo – EP Global Ritmico
19 Moving On Arnaldo Your Favourite Colour Is Green Yet You Dress In Black Smallville
20 Koniokola (Original Mix) Art Of Tones 10 By Ten (Art Of Tones/Lay-Far) Lazy Days Recordings
21 Below the Shadow Nuno (SEA) Below the Shadow Loudeast Records
22 Guru Guru Taoma Citizen Funk Chicago Pizza Uncanny Valley
23 You’ve Got Me Mesmerized Clang83 Gentlemen Cuts Vol. 1 Quintessentials
24 Falls Grandmoms Hands Hotspot Ibiza – House Selection 2013 House Place Records
25 Shades (Orignal) John Julius Knight Shades Reversoulmusic
26 Dubbed Out (Original Mix) Nitin Dubbed Out No.19 Music


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