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EPISODE 63 (London Live-FM) (Afro)

This ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was a little short however still delivered on a powerful level. This session was Afro and I kept it on more so a chilled front for this Sundays session, however some of the baselines on the tracks were like jeeeeze, proper messy in a London accent 🙂

I didn’t get to play all the tracks, therefore might do a part 2 in a few weeks, however what I did play was serious for sure!

Any way peeps, as usual, it’s time!!!

Have a good week,



Track Listings

1 Rebels Zico House Junkie Stepping Stones EP House Tribe Records
2 Drumz & Marimba (Oscar P Nude Drum Edit) Uni-Boyz, DJ Mphoza, Oscar P Drumz & Marimba Afro Rebel Music
3 Funktronic (Deep Rain Mix) Jesse Outlaw Tracks, Rhythm & Beats EP House Tribe Records
4 Keep It Down (Oscar P vs Bright Musiq Dub) Rooted Channel Brothers, Oscar P, Bright Musiq Keep It Down Open Bar Music
5 Brighter (Original Mix) Neighbour Boy SA Chicago Deep House House365 Records
6 Mind Perplexed (Michael Ashe Afro Deep Refix) Michael Ashe Mind Perplexed The Remixes Crevasse Records
7 Soul Search (Original Mix) Ptea South Deep EP Deep Soul Space
8 Umunuth (Afro Tribe) King Ben Umunuth NuAfro Records
9 Isikhalo (Oscar DaLatino Remix) Sobz Selecta Vol 1 Compilation Tambor Music
10 Jungle Mess DJ Biopic Emotions EP House HED Music
11 Gazin (Cecil SoulMojo Beatapella) Coflo, Cecil Gazin Catch The Ghost Records
12 Help You Understand (My World) Ed-Ward Mzansi House Vol. 3 House Afrika
13 Misconception (Original) D.General Misconception Vibe Boutique Records
14 High Voltage (Original Mix) Deep Sen, DJ Tucks High Voltage EP UM Recordings
15 The One (Original Mix) Johan S, Soulfuledge The One Subtractive Recordings
16 On My Way (Deep Mix) Octopuz My Journey Ancestral Recordings
17 Silicon Valley (Original Mix) Sizz Da Dude Silicon Valley Deephonix Records
18 Desire (Biopic Motherland Mix) DJ Biopic Desire House HED Music

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