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Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was of nature Afro. I haven’t played afro for a while as was waiting for a selection that I know you’d love, so I went in from the start pretty heavily and no letting up for a Sunday, so, as you will here some of these tracks I’ve had for a good while and others Brand spankin’ new waiting to unleash and boy did they cause destruction and chaos, yes they did!!!

Some fav’s for me on this session and almost, almost gave some the rewind, however rapidly ran out of time so played what I could in the time I had.

There was no rushing on this session today, just pure hearty grooves, ready for your week ahead,

So it’s time peeps,

Peace n Love to all,

Enjoy your week!!!


Track Listing:

1 Disco Voudou (Intro) Afroschnitzel Disco Voudou MoBlack Records
2 El Sonido (Original Mix) Riva Starr Adventures In Drums Crosstown Rebels
3 Inkosi Ingiphile (Original Mix) BlacqProject, Marlulu Inkosi Ingiphile Galaxy House Music
4 Black Woman (Toto Chiavetta Rmx) Eddieboi, Toto Chiavetta Black Woman (Toto Chiavetta Rmx) MoBlack Records
5 Bataclan (Original Mix) Claude Monnet, Francesco Tarantini Galaxy EP SSOH
6 Let It Go Kul-Chad Soul Pink Cap EP DNH
7 African Love (Ethnic Rythm Mix) Dominox Latte African Love Q Phonic Entertainment
8 Uyankenteza (Enoo Napa Vocal Remix) Afro Warriors, Toshi, Enoo Napa Uyankenteza (The Enoo Napa Remixes) Tribe Records
9 Grow Up (Original Mix) Wilson Kentura Dark Dive Seres Producoes
10 Asylum (Louie Vega Deep In The Underground) Sa’D Ali, Louie Vega Asylum NULU ELECTRONIC
11 Sweep (Original Mix) DJ Bonnie Spiritual Journey EP Kemet Soul Records
12 Don’t Change Me DJ Biopic Forgive N Forget EP Open Bar Music
13 Brick Talks (Sobek Remix) Mulya, Sobek Brick Talks EP Monaberry
14 Beats Of Love (Original Mix) Carlos Torre Beats Of Love Nervous
15 Deep Waters Eventual Groove Deep Waters Open Bar Music
16 Okhuzwayo (Original Mix) DJ Clock Okhuzwayo Ocha Records
17 Momentum (Biopic Distraction mix) DJ Biopic Momentum FOMP
18 Mandala Elias (GER) MoBlack Base Amsterdam 2017 MoBlack Records
19 Tree Of Life (D-Compost Remix) Dave Anthony, Eman, D-Compost Tree Of Life Kemet Soul Records
20 In the Name of House Lovers Dany Cohiba In the Name of House Global Diplomacy
21 Galactech Journey (Original Mix) Benny T Aluku Records Various Compilation Botswana Edition Aluku Records
22 You Made Me Who I Am Hyenah The Ritual EP Rise Music
23 His Tomorrow (Mike LTRS Remix) Isa Vis, Mona Bode’, Mike LTRS His Tomorrow (Remixes) ISAVIS Records
24 Moyo (Doug Gomez Merecumbetech Remix) Ewonder, Egudileyo, Doug Gomez Moyo Merecumbe Recordings

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