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Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was all about the deepness… Oh boy I was a mess and took me near an hour to sort myself out with a massive hangover LOL… So though I was mashup, I still delivered pure tunage that will get get you moving. Played a good three promos as well as new fire from myself. yes this session is not one to miss!!!

Deep Deep Deep on this one so prepare yourselves cause I was not messin’.

Yeah not sure how I got so mashup and have to thank Wifey for waking me up lol as I was gone with the clouds 🙂

To all who came into the chat room massive respect and to those on the this poddy, big yourselves up, nothing but love for you all…

It’s time Peeps,

Enjoy your week,

Peace n Love to all,


Track Listing:

1 Amber November (Brendon Moeller Rub) Tosca Boom Boom Boom (The Going Going Going Remixes) !K7
2 DOG63 – A2 – Adesse Versions – Fade Out – MSTD Adesse Versions DOG63 Delusions Of Grandeur
3 Track 9 (Mix 1) Atjazz Track 9 (Mix 1) Atjazz Record Company
4 Lustful Pleasures (Main Mix) Nick Holder Lustful Pleasures DNH
5 What I Love (Chris Patrick Remix) The WIG, Panooc, Chris Patrick What I Love Good Company Records
6 My Feelings (Scott Diaz Grand Plans Dub Mix) Eartone, Eider, Scott Diaz My Feelings Be Adult Music
7 Night Shimmers Blacky Deep Sensation Groove Black Jazz Digital
8 Feel Luv (Original Mix) Soul Minority Feel Luv (Remixes) Kolour Recordings
9 Chains (Dave Pad & Anjei Remix) Iban Montoro, Jazzman Wax, Dave Pad, Anjei Chains Cyanide
10 B1 Qatarsea 1 Dixia Sirong Di Er EP [Inner Balance] Inner Balance
11 Got Yo Lovin’ (Crackazat Remix) Sebb Junior, Crackazat Rewind Remixed Papa Records
12 Emotional DJ Biopic Magnified EP Chill ’Til Late Records
13 Cloud City (Original Mix) Blinds 25 Years a Friend in Need A Friend In Need
14 MMBDM Klement Bonelli MMBDM Tinnit Music
15 Clerick (Original Mix) Jacssen Clerick Swing & Jam Records
16 B2 Speak (Pablo Tarno Remix) Sasaki Hiroaki Coincidence EP [OPEN] OPEN
17 Soul Scene (Original Mix) Kid Only Soul Scene Swing & Jam Records
18 Good Feeling Ian Blevins, Ny*Ak Grasscutter EP Saft
19 Vento (Original Mix) Marcus Raute, Eastern Resident Vento EP Colour in Music
20 I Wanted To Get Closer But It Disappeared (Original Mix) Lootbeg Stargazing O*RS
21 Insider Abel Rough or Smooth Atjazz Record Company
22 Autumn Walk (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix) Helly Larson, Terry Lee Brown Junior Selected Remixes Vol. 2 Seven Villas

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