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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was all about the Lounge & Chill….

This session was all new business and I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it!!!

Yes pure fiyah on todays session, starting off nice and slow and building up on the journey was all over this session. Also being Mothers Day, meant no real boom boom today, more so tranquility, respect and Love to all those doing a good job with their families.

A sentimental session for sure, however don’t be fooled, there’s a lot of killerz in this session so take time with it 😉

Love to my Mum for all she’s done and helped me through x

Don’t forget peeps, my new label is launched so here’s some links for your week ahead and hope you get involved!!!



Thanks for the upfront support 😉

It’s time Peeps,

Have a wicked week ahead,



Track Listing:

1 Myself Duñe, Twenty9 Myself Roche Musique
2 The Man (Original Mix) Back Is Beautifull Rainbow Island/The Man Channel Six Music Company
3 Rial (Album Mix) Vick Lavender Architect Sophisticado
4 Rachel (Original Mix) Housego Rachel The Psycho Social Club
5 Unconventional Dream Pindaric Spleen Unconventional Dream Liming Vibes
6 Desirable Mutations (Original Mix) Pique Dame Desirable Mutations Traumnovelle
7 Balance of Mind Zadar Balance of Mind Suntheca Music
8 Dreaming In Paradise Aaron Demac Deep Down Tempo Grooves Vol.1 Deep Hustle Music
9 Fragante Sombra Modos Secret Destinations Nidra Music
10 Stranamind (Original Mix) Giovanni Lucchetti Amulet Of Fate #3 Armoracya
11 La Teja (Original Mix) Cassius Mc Fawner Jazz Distillery, Loc.13 Armoracya
12 Salonga Nino Garcia Salonga Zedanubi
13 Second Wind Shinji Second Wind / Grand Mash Cold Busted
14 Travelling (Original Mix) Jago Alejandro Pascua Travelling Magisterya
15 Calypso’s Cave (Original Mix) Ryuzaki Tsukawa Jazz Distillery, Loc.13 Armoracya
16 Santa Cruz (Original Mix) Anselmo Torres Neruda Jazz Distillery, Loc.13 Armoracya
17 White Haven (Olej Remix) Take The Cookies, Olej Best Of Olej Remixes, Vol. 2 Crumpled Music
18 Playa Levante (Original Mix) Lamyadon Playa Levante Exafyne
19 Mondragon (Reprise) Pablo Bolivar & Sensual Physics, Pablo Bolivar, Sensual Physics Traverse (Reprise) Seven Villas
20 Tustna Chillelektro Deep Solution Nidra Music
21 Aquatica (Original Mix) Yan Gordo, Metamorphosis Aquatica Cosmic Elements
22 Ibiza (D-Reflection Remix) Eric Faria, Jorge Araujo, Susanne Alt, D-Reflection Winter Lounge Suntree Records

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