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Todays ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was purely Deep. Oh how good did it feel to be back, I just can’t explain!!!

Thanks for all the request for my session whilst I was away, means a lot to know my peeps are always with me on the journey…

So went in on the Deepness for sure and all new business on this session with some serious promos just to ensure this session hurts you in the deepest of ways!!!

So played a selection worthy of you and even dropped a couple of my own tracks on this session so hold tight for this one cause I really went in for you.

It’s time peeps,

Peace n Love to all,

Real glad to be back…

Have a great week ahead,


Track Listing:

1 DOG64 – Aroop Roy – B2 – Walk That Walk ft. Blacktroniks – MSTD Aroop Roy DOG64 Delusions of Grandeur
2 Where I Went Wrong DJ Biopic Magnified EP Chill ’Til Late Records
3 Stuff Your Dad Liked Fouk First Things First EP Outplay
4 Guilt Trip (Frankey & Sandrino Remix) Rampa, &ME, Adam Port, Frankey, Sandrino You Are Safe Remixes Keinemusik
5 A Miracle (Reprise) Pablo Bolivar & Sensual Physics, Pablo Bolivar, Sensual Physics Traverse (Reprise) Seven Villas
6 Su casa, mi casa Felipe Gordon Mi casa, su casa Quintessentials
7 Ruby Falls Soulcool Ruby Falls EP DNH
8 Blacker Rhodes (Blacker Mix) Leigh D Oliver Vaults Vol. 3 Sordid Records
9 City Song (COEO Remix) Eli Escobar, COEO City Song EP Classic Music Company
10 Feed My Soul Nacho Marco, Brian Zalmijn Feed My Soul Loudeast Records
11 Phalanax (Original Mix) Elpierro Phalanax Mole Music
12 Humanity (Simon Garcia Remix) Kiko Navarro, D7, Simon Garcia Everything Happens For A Reason – Remixed & Extended BBE
13 Tears to Sound (Ron Trent Mix) Ilija Rudman, Andre Espeut, Ron Trent Tears to Sound NuNorthern Soul
14 Track 6 (Mix 1) Atjazz Mix 1 Atjazz Record Company
15 Somebody (Original Mix) Addvibe Somebody Kolour Recordings
16 I Need You (Peggy Gou Remix) Kamar, Peggy Gou Kerri Chandler Remixed Madhouse Records
17 Factory Tides Avon Blume Factory Tides On Loop Records
18 Sky High (Melvin Gentry & DJ Spen Remix) Doug Lazy, DJ Spen, Melvin Gentry Sky High (Remixes) Quantize Recordings
19 Smooth Talk Loure Smooth Talk EP Apparel Music
20 The Noise (Rocco Rodamaal Deep Mix) Rocco The Noise Groovin Records
21 Where The Sun Doesnt Shine DJ Biopic (Biopic Distraction Mix) Plastik People Digital
22 Culture Breach Culture Naked Naked Records
23 City to City People Javonntte Organic Vibrations Lets Play House
24 B1 Nico Breach Culture [NKDLTD] NKDLTD


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