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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was a true MDC session, Starting off with Breaks to get the blood flowing dropping some choice cuts before moving on to a few Afro tracks that have caught my eye of late. So with the blood now flowing nicely, ended the session with some upfront Soulful. Yes a true MDC session, if, I do say so myself 😉

So I’ve just come back from Madrid and still mashup from the juicing lol, so excuse any faults on this Session… LMAO for the lame excuse…. 🙂

Gotta sort out my mic as well though, it’s been through the wars, if you listen to my live sessions!!

Anyway, Getting myself all packed for VBW next week so remember no session on Sunday however as always there’s a huge archive to go through so please feel free to delve hard.

It’s time peeps,

Seeya in a couple weeks

Peace & Love,


Track Listing:

1 Future Youthman Am I Funky ? Folistar
2 What We Do Suff Daddy Birdsongs Jakarta
3 A Calmaria Kyoto Jazz Massive, Shuya Okino, Hajime Yoshizawa Compost Brazil Selection Vol. 1 – Primavera – Samba & Bossa Beats Compost
4 Orbiting Uhura Dego, Kaidi EP 2 Eglo Records
5 Be The One L’Aroye Be The One / Hiraki Faces Records
6 Prepared To Go (Vs Seiji) Swell Session Swell Communications Freerange
7 Alibi (Incl. Rasmus Faber Mixes) (Album Mix) Reel People, Darien Alibi Papa Records
8 Joburg (Original Mix) Oscar P & Lea,M-LT Joburg Open Bar Music
9 Tell Me Why (Deep Tech Fusion Mix) Blanco-Teez The Switch Skalla Records
10 My Dirty Soul (Maurice Fulton Remix) Sahib Muhammad, Maurice Fulton My Dirty Soul unquantize
11 Because I Love You (Original Mix) D.General Because I Love You Vibe Boutique Records
12 Just Hold Up Jay-J, Charlene Moore Just Hold Up Shifted Music
13 Can’t Do Without (Peven’s New Mix) Peven Everett Bargrooves Lounge Bargrooves
14 How Does It Feel? (Sean McCabe Raw Bass Remix) Sean McCabe, Hanlei How Does It Feel? Good Vibrations Music
15 Heaven Knows (That I’m Happy Now) (Justice League Remix) Sudad G, Tascha Johnson, Justice League Heaven Knows (That I’m Happy Now) Feat. Tascha Johnson Double Cheese Records
16 Like A Feather (Kerri Chandler Mix) Marissa Guzman, Andy Toth, Kerri Chandler Like A Feather Juicy Lucy
17 So Gone (Sweet Tears Main Mix) Sean Smith, Carla Prather, Sweet Tears So Gone PT..2 Smooth Agent
18 Rosalina (OtherSoul Balearic Mix) Ivelisse Diaz, OtherSoul Rosalina Kingdom
19 Jazzy Space (Original Mix) Alan De Laniere Jazzy Space Mycrazything Records
20 I Think I Luv U (feat. Zaid Abdulrahim) (Zaid Abdulrahim Remix) NjHouseHead, Zaid Abdulrahim I Think I Luv U Remix EP Housahaulic Records
21 Let It All Out (Original Mix) Unique2Rhythm, Tommie Cotton Let It All Out Unique 2 Rhythm
22 Children Go Round (Demissenw) (King Britt FiveSixMix) Dee Dee Bridgewater, King Britt Children Go Round (Demissenw) (King Britt Five Six Mix) Five Six Media
23 The Groovers Track (Original) Marc Cotterell The Groovers Track Plastik People Digital
24 Holdin On (Tim Haze Remix) Powder Monkeys, Tim Haze Holdin On Doin Work Records
25 American In Chelsea (Sir Piers ‘curious’ Remode) Sir Piers, SP American In Chelsea feat. Monique Bingham Curious Records
26 Stormy Dreams (Original Mix) IndySoul Stormy Dreams Seven Island Records
27 Luxury (Dj Tipz Remix) Luka, Jaidene Veda, Dj Tipz Luxury We Go Deep


  1. Dini - September 5, 2016 6:32 pm

    Nice on Marl, Sorry i missed the live session bro..but just had a little catch up, anyways hope you have a good en next week with all the guys and gals at the VocalBooth Week/Weekender..hopefully we,ll catch up at one of the reunions and have a few small large ones together…take care bro all the best Dini

  2. Zaid Abdulrahim - October 7, 2016 3:12 pm

    Thanks for the support!,, Fire Mix


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