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Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was all about the Lounge and the Chill, yes it was one of those sessions were all new business takes its place on the centre stage delivering selection I’d been saving for a session for a while in the time I had off from my MDC Sesh’. So i’ve given you some real grooves that will keep that head bopping real hard…

This week has been a bit crazy for me so was quite happy to play a more chilled set also giving you a fair few cuts from my label Chill ‘Til Late Records!!!

Yes you are certainly in for a treat on this session and can’t wait for you all to here…

It’s time peeps,

Hope you have a fantastic week ahead,

My website is fully up to date, so feel free to check out all content,

Peace N Love,


Track Listing:

1 Secrets of Love Flow Bop Strike Out Irma
2 Expected Miracles (Original Mix) Silbermaus Expected Miracles Traumnovelle
3 Rawychill Oscar Stringz, Eric Norman Rawychill More In Motion
4 You V I B I S N D S Stress Relief EP Through my Speakers
5 The Swift Moment (Original Mix) Lafoliedamour The Swift Moment Traumnovelle
6 The Sheryph The Jazzual Suspects The Jazzual Suspects Om Records
7 Before My Eyes Hector Moya Before My Eyes Zedanubi
8 Double Dip (Jazz Mix) Derek May Double Dip Zedanubi
9 A Cheerful Countenance Solanos A Cheerful Countenance Suntheca Music
10 Steps Back (Original Mix) DJ Biopic Sunset EP Chill ‘Til Late Records
11 In The Clouds (Original Mix) Sky High Touch The Sky Deep Culture Music
12 Charmante (Original Mix) Sonnenburg Charmante Traumnovelle
13 Ripple DJ Biopic Sunset EP Chill ‘Til Late Records
14 Tropical Sunset Alidiana Silverkin Tropical Sunset Magisterya
15 Brick (Original Mix) Earth Boys The eboys LP Public Release Recordings
16 Sweet Marisa HashtagChillz Sweet Marisa Funky Tortuga
17 Havana Sunset DJ Biopic Tell Me Something EP Chill ‘Til Late Records
18 The Lost Pearl (Hector Plimmer Remix) Yazz Ahmed, Hector Plimmer La Saboteuse Naim Records
19 Ori Space Ron Trent From The Archive Vol. 2 BBE
20 Paranoies of a Rich Man Neber Sover Paranoies of a Rich Man Blissful Moods
21 Float Pedro & Jenna Camille This Is What I’m Going Through Wolf Music Recordings
22 Hang And Swing Zero Feedback Hang And Swing Lounge Masters
23 Tell Me Something DJ Biopic Tell Me Something EP Chill ‘Til Late Records
24 Forgots to Chill DJ Biopic Forgots to Chill EP Chill ‘Til Late Records

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