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WoW what a session… I know I always say that, but boooy…. Pure fiiiire happened in the lounge today DEEPHOUSELOUNGERS sure got a treat today!

Promos from A Deeper Groove Feat my latest release MOONLIGHTING out on the 15th of September, with Tommy Hogunz, June Lopez, Lude Jaw & Elsloo…. Spoken word co written by Amanda Koh & Tommy Hogunz, Azucar Digital & Clean & Dirty Recordings

Other tracks played were from myself  & HEAVY all in stores now!

This is not one to miss peeps so get involved

Please remember to support good music by buying it!

Enjoy Episode 13

1 BROWN SUGAR (Original Mix) JUNE_LOPEZ BROWN_SUGAR Clean & Dirty Recordings
2 BROWN SUGAR Furniture Crew (Milk_Remix) JUNE_LOPEZ BROWN_SUGAR Clean & Dirty Recordings
3 Feelings DJ Biopic & Serious Man Feelings House Hed Music
4 Specific State (Original Mix) Apollo’s Creed Overnight EP Maison Records
5 I Love the Way (Extended Mix) Various Artists Mojear Diary Mojear Records
6 Punch a Crocodile Lee Webster All Night Vibes EP Local Talk
7 Fuck the Inspiration (Reversed Inspiration Mix) Various Artists Mojear Diary Mojear Records
8 Mind Julian MC Cain The Mind EP HEAVY
9 Where are you now ? (Original Mix) Andre Lodemann Where are you now ? Best Works Records
10 Jazz Jaus (Original Mix) Lucio Grandi Jazz Jaus EP Eyepatch Recordings
11 Life (ADG’s broken mix) A DEEPER GROOVE FEAT. JEAN HONEYMOON Life E.P. Including soulful session remixes A Deeper Groove Recordings
12 Since 2006 (Nite Clerks & A.d.M.a Mix) Di Chiara Brothers Since 2006 EP eMBi Music
13 Soul Seduction (Original) Horatio Seduction Beats The Factory
14 PROMISE DJ Biopic The Promise EP Bedroomrecords09
15 Undergrounded Atjazz Full Circle ATJAZZ Records
16 Moonlighting (Original Mix) DJ Biopic Ft Tommy Hogunz Moonlighting EP A Deeper Groove Recordings
17 Giving Up Never Stop (BigMosesVocal Mix) DawnSouluvnWilliams PROMO Azucar Digital
18 Message (DJ Biopic Mix) Night Motion Messages House Hed Music


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