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‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session hasn’t been podded for a while and was getting the sweats from not having a session, so I give you Soulful!!!

Tracks by Oscar P, DJ Umbi, Bruce Bailey,Demarkus Lewis, Myself and more…

It felt sooo good to be back giving you the best in up front tunage…

Won’t say no more just listen and enjoy!!!

Biopic taking you through…

Track listing will be on

Peace out


1 Mastermind (AbstractSaint Soul Cruise Remix) Lamor Mastermind EP Lamor Music
2 Speaker Box – Oscar P – Alex Almeida Dub Oscar P – Alex Almeida Speaker Box Open Bar Music
3 Absolutely (Original Mix) Demarkus Lewis Absolutely 294 Records
4 Soaring Over Brazil David Harness David Harness – UnHarnessYoSelf Moulton Music
5 Jus Like Music (Original Mix) Oscar P Jus Like Music Open Bar Music
6 The Red Guitar (Original Vocal) DJ CEEZ, NIKKI GEE THE RED GUITAR Digital Generation
7 Sun Will Rise (Sean Ali S.O.A Main Mix) Muzology Sun Will Rise Soul Shift Music
8 Let It All Go (Spen & Thommy Re Edit) Pat Bedeau Let It All Go Quantize Recordings
9 Masquerade (Booker T Remix) Gerideau Masquerade Fattboy Records
10 Be With You (1200 Warriors Full Vocal) RaShaan Houston Be With You 2014 (1200 Warriors Remixes) Guesthouse
11 Sonidos (Instrumental Mix) DJ Umbi Italo Vintage Style: Rhythm ‘n’ Groove Pyramide
12 DJ Biopic – Satisfy (Vocal Mix) DJ Biopic Satisfy House HED Music
13 Reach Out To Me (DJ Spen & Soulfuledge Remix) Karen Pollard Reach Out To Me (The Remixes) Hard Times
14 What Can U Do For Me Oscar P, C. Scott What Can U Do For Me Azucar Distribution
15 Oldskud (Jazz Mix) Paul Youx Oldscud Nuphuture Traxx

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